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September 15 … An Exceptional Day for Peacemaking in the Region

By:Staff Colonel / Yousef Juma Al Haddad
Editor in Chief

The15th of September 2020, was one of the defining days in the history of the Middle East region. On that day, the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain each signed separately a peace agreement with Israel, marking a new phase in the pursuit of peace.
With these two historic accords, the peace train has started, not only because they enjoy wide international support, but also because they pave the way towards changing the future of the region, based on a comprehensive and sustainable peace that guarantees coexistence for all, away from hatred and intolerance. 
The approach of the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain to the establishment of a real peace with Israel reflects a unique political courage, and embodies a new perspective in Arab politics. It is characterised by realism and accurate reading of the developments in the region and the world. It also seeks to capitalise on the different experiences in conflict management.  
This novel realistic perspective in Arab politics has materalised following a firm conviction that the situation of the Palestinian cause, and the Middle East peace process, have come to call for a different vision. The experience of the past years showed that the “state of no peace”, the associated rejection of normalisation, and economic boycott, have not harmed Israel as much as it has harmed the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people.  
Peace with Israel does not in any way mean abandoning the firm principles of supporting the Palestinian cause and helping the Palestinian people establish their independent state. Rather, it is the basis for achieving these goals. The UAE has linked the peace agreement with Israel to the latter’s abandonment of the “annexation plan”, while the Kingdom of Bahrain confirmed that the peace accord with Israel is inseparable from the goals of the Arab initiative and  that it guarantees the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people. 
The Middle East is on the threshold of a new phase, and open to geopolitical and strategic shifts in the coming period. The peace train led by the UAE, and joined by the Kingdom of Bahrain, and other countries that may follow in the future, will re-draw the map of the region and its alliances in a way that will consolidate the hopes of achieving peace and strengthening the prospects for regional cooperation.  
The UAE, which is leading the peace process now, will be able to change the face of the region and establish a true peace that includes the countries of the entire region. This is not only because its realistic vision of peacebuilding enjoys wide international acceptance and support, but also because it possesses the elements that help it translate this vision on the ground. First, it is an effective and influential force in consolidating the foundations of security and stability at the regional and international levels. Second, it has reached a peace agreement with Israel out of strength and not weakness. Third, the UAE represents a successful development experience by all standards, with its strong and stable economy, technological progress in all fields, and giant projects in the field of peaceful nuclear energy and space. So, it is able to open new horizons for wider regional cooperation and benefiting from the expertise of all countries in the region including Israel. 

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