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UAE Prepares For Post-Coronavirus

By:Staff Colonel / Yousef Juma Al Haddad
Editor in Chief

The strength of countries is measured by the extent of their ability to foresee the future and possess its various tools. This is the most prominent characteristic of the United Arab Emirates, which has set for itself a strategic goal since its inception to be internationally in the front lines. The UAE has developed strategic plans and an ambitious outlook that enables it to achieve this goal, and to deal efficiently with the various crises or challenges that may face its development march.

When the Covid-19 pandemic was detected in December 2019, most of the world’s governments were shocked in view of its catastrophic repercussions, as a result of the total lockdown of countries and cities and international borders as well as the suspension of air traffic and economies, and other restrictive measures. Nevertheless, the UAE government has managed to deal with this new global reality caused by the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, and mitigate its repercussions.

It had prepared early for this type of very complex global crisis, and put in place mechanisms that would enable it to deal with it efficiently. This is well evidenced by the fact that, while most countries of the world have reduced the school academic year to a minimum or frozen it at the end of the first semester, the UAE continues to complete the academic year through distance education, because it possesses the infrastructure, technology and information that enables it to continue the educational process with ease.
The success of the UAE government in dealing with the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on various levels does not only highlight the integrity of its approach to long-term strategic planning, but it also demonstrates its ability to prepare for the post-Coronavirus phase, and to start with a steady and confident step towards the future.  This was the focus of the virtual UAE Cabinet meeting that was held recently to discuss post-Covid-19 strategy. The meeting discussed various implications of this pandemic, and how to upgrade government and private working systems. 
The UAE realises that the post-Coronavirus world is quite different. For this purpose, it is preparing thoughtful plans and profound strategic perspectives that benefit from all international experiences and take into account the resulting changes in various fields.  
The UAE’s success in managing the Coronavirus pandemic crisis and mitigating its various repercussions made it an exemplary experience to be emulated at the regional and international levels. It has already shown that it possesses qualitative expertise and capabilities in various sectors that qualify it to be an effective and influential force in managing any similar international crises in future.

The UAE has led global humanitarian efforts that have helped many countries, especially those that suffer from a weak health and preventive system, to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. It has also actively engaged in the global search to find a cure for the Coronavirus pandemic through the unique medical achievement reached by the team of scientists, doctors and researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, in developing stem cell therapy for the Covid-19 virus.

The UAE has always taken pioneering initiatives in developing government work during the past few years. It has become the most important international platform for presenting best practices and smart solutions that stimulate creativity and innovation in government work. 

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