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Advantage in Combat

Kim Ernzen, Vice President, Raytheon Air Warfare Systems tells Nation Shield what’s in store at the show.
Tell us about your portfolio – what products does it include that are of interest to the UAE? 
Raytheon’s Air Warfare Systems product line includes a wide array of systems that help military commanders control the air and sea-space. We are the makers of several well-known air-launched systems like AMRAAM, the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile, and AIM-9X Sidewinder, along with the Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW). Others provide specific capabilities, like HARM, the High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile, which is designed to defeat radar systems. We also produce systems that are designed to distract and jam enemy systems, and layered solutions for moving and stationary threats on land and at sea. 
How do you define “Air 
Air Dominance means a fighter pilot is able to gain total control of a piece of airspace to complete a mission and return home safely. It’s a term we use a lot at Raytheon because many of our products are what directly enable pilots to achieve that kind of control, across every phase of an air mission. Our expertise is deep, but we realise Air Dominance is more than the aircraft or the missiles it carries. It includes solutions for communication, identification, navigation, and sensing. Raytheon products address many facets of Air Dominance to give our customers the advantage in combat whether they are flying 4th or 5th generation aircraft.
What else is Raytheon highlighting at the Dubai Airshow?
We will have our most advanced technology on display from areas such as integrated Air and Missile Defense, cyber solutions, and of course Air Dominance. Drones, are a major concern to the region so we will highlight technology for countering unmanned aircraft systems. We will also showcase the TALON Laser Guided Rocket.
Tell us about your experience at the Women in Tech forum earlier this year?
As part of Emirati Women’s Day, the Emirates Digital Association for Women and Raytheon hosted a panel called “Women in Technology: Personal journeys in different cultures and STEM occupations.” I was honoured to be able to share my own career journey, and connect with my fellow panellists who were extremely impressive women. We talked about the importance of diversity and inclusion in business, and the increasingly important role women are playing in the defence industry, the military and the broader business world – and locally, for diversifying the economy.
What’s your outlook for Raytheon and the UAE? 
Raytheon has a long, proud history of partnership in the Middle East. We’ve been in the UAE for more than 30 years. Last year, we cut the ribbon on Raytheon Emirates Limited – a landed company in Abu Dhabi. Our commitment to the Emirates and its people is strong.  We are working closely with UAE to help the country achieve its goals including industrial partnership, security and economic prosperity.  I look forward to the years ahead.

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