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Collins Aerospace Shows Off Actuation Systems

Collins Actuation, one of the largest providers of actuation systems in the aerospace market, is displaying its leading aerospace and defence innovations for ministries of defence, integrators, aircraft manufacturers, airlines and other customers in the 
Edward Dryden, Vice President Actuation Systems, Mechanical Systems at Collins Aerospace said, “We have successfully demonstrated our capability to provide highly competitive and integrated solutions to OEMs like Airbus. We also see potential growth with other OEMs. Our objective is to continue to serve our customers in the region with the highest standards of operational excellence and help them in their future growth with the most innovative and trusted solutions and services.”
According to Dryden, there are many opportunities in the region, as well as worldwide for aerospace actuation services. Collins Actuation products for Aerospace and defence sector include Primary Flight Controls (Fixed Wing & Rotorcraft), Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator, High Lift Systems, Nacelle Actuation, Anti-Ice Valves, Composites, Utility Actuation, Missile Actuation. The company is also investing in innovative composites.
Providing a comprehensive range of products, Collins Actuation is a part of Collins Aerospace and is one the few OEMs providing composite transmission shaft solution that contributes to reduce weight in several pounds per shipset compared to metal. 
According to Dryden, Collins Actuation builds on its expertise in test rig design that provides hardware/software integration. In addition, the company also offers innovative and agile aftermarket commercial solutions to support its customers across the world. 
Collins Aerospace, a United Technologies subsidiary, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and defence products and is involved in development, integration, manufacture and certification of utility actuation.

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