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EDCC: An Excellent Platform For UAE Companies

By: Sakha Pramod
The participation of UAE companies in the recently concluded DSA in Kuala Lumpur under the umbrella of Emirates Defence Companies Council (EDCC) was a big success as it could project capabilities of UAE companies at an international level, said Sultan Abdulla Al Samahi, General Manager of EDCC.
The EDCC, which is supported by the Tawazun Economic Council is mandated to be the primary communication platform between industry players both local and international, as well as strategic government stakeholders, he said.
“The council aimed to facilitate effective networking and partnership development and promotion of UAE businesses abroad through the UAE Defense Pavilion,” he told the Nation Shield in an exclusive interview.
EDCC seeks to enable dialogue between the industry and various stakeholders, including Ministry of Defense and the UAE Armed Forces, other ministries and  government bodies, infrastructure sector, academia, foreign companies and major international organisations representing defense sector.
EDCC members operate in various fields, including aviation and aerospace, armouring systems, artillery systems, cyber security, logistical support, munitions and missles, naval vessels, space and satellites and military vechiles. The participants at the UAE pavilion included ADSB, Etimad Holding, EDIC Caracal, Al Fattan Ship Industry, Rabdan Academy, International Golden Group, NIMR, Abu Dhabi Aviation, Yahsat, Tawazun Inustrial Park, and United Motors & Heavy Equipment Co, Nation Shield and IDEX LLC.
Sultan Abdulla Al Samahi said, “The participation at the DSA helped us to to introduce the capabilities of the UAE companies which are members of EDCC as we celeberate 30 years of hosting exhibitions.
“Here we have more than 13 local companies associated with various defence and security sectors. One of the objectives of the EDCC is to promote their members and enable them to grow globally by projecting their capabilities and by finding the synergies with international companies and associations. 
Referring to the strength of EDCC, he said so far it had 63 members. “We have more than eight sectors from defence and security. The advantage of participating in DSA in Malaysia was that we have had interest shown by many global companies and some Asian governments in our capabilities displayed by our participating companies.
“We get support from our stakeholders who are also attending the exhibition such as UAE Chief of Staff and also the CEO of Tawazun who are always supporting local industries and companies.  
“To add one point, today we are focussing on defence and security segment to explore ideas and to create opportunities which will impact the UAE companies positively by helping to start more projects and create more jobs, thus meeting the expectations of the government. 
Al Samahi said any local company which is functioning in the UAE within the local rules and regulations even as a joint venture can be a member of EDCC.  He added that Tawazun and EDIC are working to support the government vision in building a strong defence and security sector in the country and utlise EDCC as a common platform to engage all sectors within the industry. 

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