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Legacy of Innovation

Henry Brooks, President Customer & Account Management at Collins Aerospace shares that the company will be showcasing intelligent and connected systems at the show. Excerpts:
Collins Aerospace is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month. How do you feel the industry has embraced the new company?
This one-year anniversary is a great milestone for Collins Aerospace. We are really pleased with how the Collins brand has resonated with the industry, and the opportunity that our customers and peers see in the new company. We had incredible opportunities to create more advanced solutions, grow our product offerings, and support our customers like never before. 
We are hyper-focused on delivering value for our customers. We had an ambitious target of revenue synergy projects that cover everything from new channels to market to new product and service offerings that span our entire portfolio. I can tell you that we even surpassed our 2019 revenue synergy goals. Since day one, we’ve hit the ground running to capture and track every opportunity – identifying short-term and long-term projects with revenue-synergy potential so far to better serve our customers.
We’ve had a lot of on-going conversations with customers and partners to understand their perceptions and expectations. They want to make sure we’re still meeting our commitments, but they see the value we can provide in developing new innovative solutions and an ecosystem that can benefit to all the industry.
What were the main challenges you faced, and what opportunities Collins Aerospace has found as a result of the integrated businesses?
It’s been an incredible journey so far. While the merger was between Rockwell Collins and UTC Aerospace Systems – it’s really about bringing together a rich legacy of innovation that includes market-leading brands including Hamilton Sundstrand, Goodrich, Rockwell Collins, B/E Aerospace, ARINC, Kidde, Ratier and more. That is a big undertaking. 
I would say the main challenge that we face is the rapidly changing dynamics of our industry including increased competition and more demand from our customers’ − airlines, OEMs and the military − to deliver sophisticated and smart solutions with greater capabilities. As an integrated business, we can offer so much more, which we couldn’t do before. One example on the avionics side would be the space and avionics groups talking about Helmet Mounted Displays for future spacesuits and working together on how to use military helmet display technology in another industry. That’s an example but we create synergies at all level like combining our cross-strategic business unit’s solutions for specific platforms.
What will your main messages be at Dubai Airshow? 
At Dubai, you’ll be hearing about our strategic focus areas for the company, which I’ll generally categorise as more intelligent, more connected, and more electric systems. This of course aligns with the focus of the entire industry right now but we intend to demonstrate our leadership position in these areas. We are committed to bringing these focus areas to life in the Middle East by expanding our presence, growing our investment and building new relationships in this important region.

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