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Raytheon Emirates:Expanding Partnership

Raytheon Company has enjoyed a close relationship with the UAE built over 32 years of supporting the Emirates’ national security, civil defence infrastructure, local manufacturing and training in a number of strategic initiatives. In 2017, Raytheon marked the 30th anniversary of this partnership by setting up Raytheon Emirates, a wholly owned subsidiary in Abu Dhabi.
By: Sakha Pramod
Photo: Faisal Al Quaisi
In an interview with Nation Shield, Alan Davis, Chief Executive, Raytheon Emirates explains how the new entity, which is being developed as an Emirati establishment employing local talent, seeks to enhance regional security and grow an industrial capability in the UAE to help diversify the nation’s economy.
In 2017, Raytheon Company marked its 30th anniversary of partnership with the UAE by setting up a whole new subsidiary Raytheon Emirates in Abu Dhabi. Has this move taken your ties with the UAE to a new level?
We are very proud of our relationship of 30 plus years with the UAE. This is based on our being partners, working together, providing systems and support to help keep their nation safe. With the establishment of Raytheon Emirates, we are taking it forward to a new level, having a greater role in local industry and the community alike as we make a significant step in our relationship. It marks the next phase. Raytheon has been in existence for over 96 years, 50 plus with presence in the Gulf region, and this new opportunity to grow in the UAE is very exciting for us.
You were previously the chief operating officer for Raytheon Emirates. How helpful will that experience be in your new position?
Very helpful. I have had the privilege of supporting various programmes for the UAE over the past ten years, and the opportunity to live and work here full-time and understand the business, the culture and values was invaluable in my previous position as COO. Now, as chief executive for Raytheon Emirates, I am building on that experience to expand our strong relationship with the UAE and grow our business so we can achieve great things together.
You were managing international programmes for both air force and navy customers, including leadership of the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Program. How has this missile programme strengthened UAE’s security?
It is one of our several Raytheon solutions that provide a layered ship self-defence capability. Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) is one of the layers. Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) is another. These systems are deployed on ships of the UAE, helping to protect Emirati sailors, upholding national and regional security.
Raytheon Emirates recently announced a long-term lease with Mubadala Investment Company for its new UAE headquarters in Al Maqam Tower in Abu Dhabi. So what are the long-term plans you have in mind? 
Mubadala has been a trusted partner and a stakeholder in the UAE. As Raytheon Emirates grows our business, we are focused on four areas: cyber security,  air and missile defence, effectors, and enabling technologies. We are here for a long-term relationship, and we are excited about growing our business, engaging in the community, and developing knowledge-based Emirati leaders. We are also looking forward to engaging the indigenous supply base that is here, and exploring together new missions and markets that we cannot imagine today.
One of the objectives of the subsidiary is to develop and employ a highly skilled, highly productive Emirati workforce and source from locally based suppliers. Have you succeeded in that objective? 
We are making substantial progress. We have Emiratis leading and collaborating in our cyber business development, human resources, and in our government relations. We also have Emiratis in our administrative and finance staff, and so as the company grows, we will continue to attract, retain, and employ Emiratis. It has been refreshing to see the energy and the value, as well as cultural knowledge and diverse experience that they bring into our team. They will tell you that they are excited we are here, and we are excited to have them as part of our company. Our core values and the values of the UAE are complementary and provide a common foundation for growing a business. Raytheon Company values (trust, respect, collaboration, innovation, and accountability) underpin everything Raytheon Emirates does to develop talent, operate and grow its business, and actively participate in UAE communities.
How has the new entity been effective in leveraging your capabilities and resources in the fields of cyber security, air & missile defence, effectors and enabling technology in operations here and in the region?
We have a tremendous competitive advantage in reaching back to our Raytheon corporate and business units in the US, as well as to our other three Raytheon subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Australia and Saudi Arabia. It is a powerful enterprise from which we can leverage capabilities and technologies that we have; bring those to the UAE; utilise indigenous supplier and industrial capabilities here; and come up with the best solutions for our customers. Our greatest advantage is our people and diversity of thought and innovation. As we grow our business, we look to grow our multi-national local workforce and build stronger and new relationships with stakeholders in the UAE.
How has the new entity Raytheon Emirates helped strengthen ties with your UAE customers and partners?
Raytheon has had a trusted presence in the UAE for more than three decades. The establishment of Raytheon Emirates takes that presence to a new level of mutual accessibility and responsiveness to our customers. They see us as their company.
Tell us more about the capabilities you are highlighting at IDEX.
Along with Raytheon Emirates, we will have a strong representation at IDEX from all four Raytheon businesses across our core capabilities including air & missile defence, layered naval defence systems, cyber security and unmanned systems. In these and other areas, we will bring various solutions as well as subject matter experts to the venue to be able to support the customer base, answer questions, talk about new capabilities and opportunities to further collaborate, and support not only the UAE but the region in terms of security and stability.
Our air & missile defence capabilities at IDEX would include Patriot and our missile defence radars and command and control systems. Others to be highlighted include Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile, Rolling Airframe Missile, and TALON Laser Guided Rocket to name a few. Beyond any one solution, IDEX gives us the opportunity to listen to our customers and build new and stronger relations. 

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