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Embraer and the Brazilian Army Showcase New Radar

Embraer and the Brazilian Army (EB) recently presented the SABER M200 VIGILANTE radar during an event at Embraer’s Campinas unit. As a result of the joint development for the Brazilian Government, the radar was developed to support the country’s anti-aircraft defence units, as well as to increase Embraer’s product portfolio and export integrated defence systems. 
The new Brazilian ground-based radar will have the objective of meeting the needs of the Brazilian Armed Forces in their low-altitude surveillance missions of anti-aircraft defence. Developed in Brazil by Embraer and the Army Technological Center (CTEx), a military organisation part of the Army’s Science, Technology and Innovation System (SCTIEx), the SABER M200 VIGILANTE radar aims to furnish the Ground Force’s Anti-Aircraft Artillery Units, powered by the most up-to-date radar technologies, available only in a few countries.
This new development will integrate into the family of Brazilian radars, which includes the SABER M60 radar, focused on the search of air targets and integrated into an Anti-Aircraft Operations Centre, and the SENTIR M20 radar, for monitoring ground targets and being used in the Brazilian Border Monitoring System (SISFRON). In addition, the family of national radars will soon have a new research and development output, the SABER M200 Multi-Mission radar, which will integrate Medium Height Anti-Aircraft Defence Systems.

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