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Nexter Systems product modifies towed gun technology

 Nexter Systems’ new technology, TRAJAN, is an accurate and powerful 155mm/52 caliber towed gun system able to support any mechanized and armoured unit.
Its key missions are performing frontier defence, providing fire support for all types of motorised, mechanised, or armoured units, and employing a high and effective firepower, according to representatives.
It integrates the firepower of the CAESAR 155mm/52 caliber gun into a modern towed gun system fitted with a firing control system, automated implementation such as in/out of action, laying and ammunition handling and loading in order the crew can performed sustained firings with limited efforts.

TRAJAN® combines two well-known Nexter’s systems, the 155 mm/39 calibre TR Towed Gun System and the 155 mm/52 calibre CAESAR® truck-mounted artillery (deployed in Afghanistan and in Lebanon).
The key missions of TRAJAN® are:
- Performing Frontier Defence
- Providing Fire Support for all types of motorized, mechanized or armoured units. 
 TRAJAN reaches a high level of accuracy by integrating a muzzle velocity radar, an inertial navigation unit and a ballistic computer. TRAJAN has been designed to reach a high efficiency in all fire actions such as direct support fire, in-depth action fire, counter-battery fire.
Its 155mm/52 caliber artillery is fully compatible with all 155mm 39/52 caliber NATO standard ammunition (Joint Ballistic MoU), and can fire ERFB shells with smart ammunition. 
The maximum range is similar to CAESAR, up to 42 km with an ERFB and even 55 km through the use of rocket-assisted projectile. Day and night sight devices can engage a target in direct firing at up to 2000m.  
The TRAJAN system can be put into action in less than one-and-a-half minutes. The gun is served by a six-man crew and facilitated by automation of operations for putting it into or taking it out of action, for aiming and by an automatic loading of shells. These elements also make operations more secure. The TRAJAN firing rate is six rounds per minute. 

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