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Rohde & Schwarz, Airbus and Naval Group Win RIFAN Contract

The French defense procurement agency DGA (Direction générale de l’armement) has awarded the RIFAN 2.1 contract to Rohde & Schwarz, Airbus and Naval Group. The contract covers services to maintain and adapt the existing RIFAN 2 (Réseau IP de la Force Aéronavale étape 2) IP network for the French naval forces to integrate new ships and remedy hardware and software sustainment in the coming years.
The new contract expands on the first contract that was agreed in 2008. The objective of this first contract was to develop and implement an IP capable communications system for use during training exercises and missions on ships, submarines and aircraft belonging to the French naval air and land forces. Rohde & Schwarz has now been commissioned with maintaining the existing radio communications up to 2027.
The purpose of the programme is to equip French naval forces with a secure broadband network designed for the transmission of data with different classification levels (from unclassified to secret) between ships at sea and on-shore command centres.
The network transmits data from applications that coordinate carrier group operations and those dedicated to on-board logistics management. It is capable of combining several communications streams in order to optimise the use of transmission capacity. The network utilises satellite connections as well as radio communications systems allowing all-IP transmission between ships, with a range of several dozen nautical miles.

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