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Saab Unveils New Decoy Missile for Gripen

Supported by Sweden, Saab is offering Gripen with advanced Electronic Warfare systems to the Logistics Command of the Finnish Defence Forces, the Finnish defence procurement agency, for the Finnish HX fighter procurement. It comprises of a newly developed Electronic Attack Jammer Pod and a decoy missile system.
Saab’s offering for the HX fighter procurement includes both the fighter jet Gripen E/F and the GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control System. 
As part of Gripen’s E/F Electronic Warfare capability, Saab has revealed the development of a new decoy missile system, the Lightweight Air-launched Decoy Missile. The decoy missile and the new Electronic Attack Jammer Pod, which Saab started flight-testing in 2019, will protect Finnish pilots from enemy radars and missiles.
The new decoy missile will be a highly capable stand-in jammer for some of the most demanding missions. It will act as a force multiplier as it reduces the number of missiles and aircraft required to complete a mission. The decoy missile can jam or create false targets for acquisition, tracking, fire control and airborne radars. 
The development of the new decoy missile will see the company expand its Saab Technology Centre in Tampere, Finland with more highly skilled employees.

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