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Sweden to Join the 6x6 Vehicle Programme

Sweden has announced its intention to join the Finnish-led CAVS programme (Common Armoured Vehicle System), which is also open to other countries with the mutual consent of the participating countries. 
The programme began in 2019 as a multinational cooperation between Finland, Latvia, and Estonia. The programme progressed to the research and product development phase with Latvia in autumn 2020. Latvia ordered the first more than 200 personnel carrier armoured vehicles in August 2021, of which Patria delivered the first vehicles to Latvia at the end of October. In turn, the Finnish Ministry of Defence and Patria have signed a letter of intent on ordering 160 new personnel carrier vehicles for Finland in 2023.
“This milestone is significant for the whole programme. Extensive cooperation and network between countries will improve the mobility, cost-effectiveness, cooperation capabilities, and maintenance capacity of the participating countries. In addition, the result of this programme is a very cost-effective solution for participating countries,” said Jussi Järvinen, President of Patria’s Land Business Unit.

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