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UAVOS Successfully Tests UVH-170

The UVH-170 unmanned helicopter of UAVOS continues to prove its value to mountainous area operations by flying surveillance missions at an altitude of 16,400ft (5000m). The helicopter has successfully conducted its first high altitude flight reaching out to the height of 16,400ft (5000m). The rotary-wing platform was carrying the Gyro-stabilised two-axis gimbal with integrated Radio data link. The payload was of 8,800lb (4kg) weight.

The flight time was two hours and the climb rate over 1m/s was from 13,120ft to 16,400ft (4000m to 5000m). The UAV high altitude capability has been achieved through modifying the fuel injection system of the 4-stroke gasoline propulsion system.
The enhancements of the fuel injection system enable the practical ceiling to be increased significantly. It can be precisely tuned depending on the operating conditions. This also significantly increases fuel-efficiency of the rotary-wing UAV. 
The UVH-170 is an unmanned helicopter and multi-payload UAS integrating UAVOS’s cutting-edge technologies. It has been designed in a way that allows the unmanned helicopter to operate under harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it enables capability to operate in windy conditions with gusts more than 27kts (14mps) while taking off or landing in both land and maritime environments.  The state-of-the-art air-cooling engine allows the unmanned helicopter to operate in a tropical climate in a hot and moist environment. 

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