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Dassault Rafale Wins UAE Jet Fighter Deal

The UAE Ministry of Defense recently signed a contract with France that includes purchasing 80 Rafale fighter jets manufactured by French company Dassault Aviation, to replace the UAE Air Force Mirage fleet in addition to training and maintenance purposes.
Commenting on this deal, Major General Staff Pilot Ibrahim Nasser Al Alawi, UAE Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense, said: “The UAE has been in a process of a thorough review of global markets for options. Based on our talks with our French counterparts, we came to a mutual agreement that the Rafale provides the best option for the UAE security and defence.”
He added: “The signed contract with France is not a substitute for the U.S. F-35 ongoing discussions. It’s rather complementary to our Air Force capabilities as we continue to develop our air defence systems and seek new products and advanced technologies as part of our overall National Security Strategy.”
The two nations have signed a deal worth 16.6 billion euros by which France will supply 80 Rafale fighter jets to the UAE, in addition to 12 Caracal H225 Helicopters including weaponizing, training and spare parts.
With this contract, the UAE has joined other countries like Greece, India, Egypt, Qatar, and Croatia in procuring the omnirole Rafale.
Deepening Defence Cooperation
The deal aims to promote strategic and investment partnership that targets the 2030 UAE-France economic programme like renewable energy, innovation, and technology, said a joint Emirati-French statement. It also offers a shot in the arm for France’s defence industry after the collapse of a US$66 billion contract for Australia to buy 12 French submarines.
French President Emmanuel Macron has forged a good relationship with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, with investments flowing between both countries. Paris has a permanent military base in the Emirati capital.
In a statement, Macron said they are important contracts for the deepening defence cooperation between France and the UAE that will contribute to the stability of the region and enhance a common fight against terrorism. “It’s important for our economy because the planes are manufactured in France,” he said.
Upgraded Features
Manufacturer Dassault Aviation said the UAE is buying the upgraded F4 version of its multirole Rafale combat aircraft. That will make the Emirates Air Force the first Rafale F4 user outside of France. 
Reportedly, the RBE2 AESA radar, Talios targeting pod, front sector optronics system, and helmet-mounted display capabilities will all be added to the Rafale F4. Future upgrades of the French SCALP-EG stealthy subsonic cruise missile, ASMP-A nuclear missile with a 300-kiloton yield nuclear warhead, MICA NG air-to-air missile, and a 1000-kg version of the AASM precision-guided weapon are all integrated into the Rafale F4 aircraft. The Spectra defensive system of the aircraft has been upgraded with more powerful jammers to preserve its capacity to repel emerging threats. 
Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation, said: “The sale of 80 Rafale to the UAE is a French success story. I wish to thank the authorities of the Emirates for their renewed confidence in our aircraft. After the Mirage 5 and Mirage 2000, this contract consolidates the strategic relationship that binds our two countries and the satisfaction of the Emirates Air Force, a long-standing partner of our company. I wish to underline the quality and effectiveness of the relationship between the French authorities and industry, which contributed to this success by team France.
“This contract is excellent news for France and for its aeronautical industry, for the entire ecosystem of 400 companies, both large and small, which contribute to the Rafale. This represents thousands of jobs in our sector for the coming decade. This contract, which is the largest ever obtained by the French combat aeronautics industry, consolidates a national industrial base, which is without doubt unique in Europe, comprising as it does major groups and SME/SMIs, around a company which has been the prime contractor for all the generations of military and civil aircraft for the past 70 years. The success of the Rafale with our armed forces and its sale to the UAE, as well as its export to five other countries who are already customers, clearly shows that French combat aviation is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the national industrial landscape.”

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