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EARTH Engineering innovation excellence

With ever-changing tactical requirements, and the need for high-performance, reliable, and mission-ready solutions, EARTH provides the UAE’s Armed Forces and security services with state-of-the-art R&D, engineering, technology integration, manufacturing, and project management. Targeted towards aerospace, naval, and land operations, the company collaborates with international OEMs to develop turnkey solutions for its end-users’ technology and engineering challenges. 
Part of the Platforms & Systems cluster within EDGE, an advanced technology group for defence and beyond, EARTH’s in-house capabilities in innovation and engineering have led to the development of different systems – enabling the company to tailor its technical and subject expertise to identify the most appropriate systems to support customer missions. Through advanced technologies such as integration and autonomous capabilities, EARTH is able to bring more than a decade of experience in defence systems ranging from images, optics and lasers, to robotics, material science, and systems engineering. 
Integral to EARTH’s sea and marine weapons systems is its Jet Ski Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). Small in size, the modified jet ski’s versatility makes it ideal for coastal observation, complex water rescue, or transportation, among other maritime missions. Complete with GPS tracking, remote-control configuration, and way point navigation, the system mitigates personnel’s exposure to risks in the field. 
As a fast, efficient and cost-effective alternative to an in-shore vessel, the jet ski is additionally equipped with wireless operation and a human-machine interface, as well as a remote-controlled weapon system for missions requiring armed engagements. Boasting a communication range of approximately 12km, a maximum speed of 65kph, and a power endurance of eight hours, EARTH’s USV identifies threats quickly, enabling the company to contribute towards a secure future. 
Similarly, EARTH’s Remote-Control Container System (RCCS) is optimised for detecting, tracking and overcoming threats in real time, and is integral to the company’s portfolio of products. Designed to protect military and civilian assets and infrastructure, the RCCS is deployed in rugged environments to enable the collection and delivery of actionable intelligence, audio and video streams, and geographic data – whether in a manned or unmanned capacity. 
Its ability to remotely close roof doors, raising masts, control Remote Weapon Station, coupled with a fibre-optic interface, and a remote wireless communication range of up to 6km, makes the RCCS a flexible system for multi-purpose operations and net-centric protection. 
In this context, EARTH’s team of 250 employees, including former military personnel, are driving the regional and global defence landscape with cutting-edge solutions for technological and engineering challenges – enabling the company to boost forces readiness and potential. With capabilities ranging across air, land and sea, EARTH recognises that the future is empowered by advanced technology, and as part of EDGE, is on a mission of revolutionising the industry.

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