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EmbraerX Unveils Futuristic Urban Air Mobility Concept

EmbraerX's new electric flying vehicle concept, unveiled during the Elevate Summit 2019 last month, is no less than a Sci-Fi set in the future, where aerial urban mobility is as common as a taxi ride.
The aircraft concept with electric vertical take-off and landing capability is known as eVTOL and is a part of the EmbraerX’s multi-project approach to create practical urban air mobility solutions. According to the company, the eVTOL is a human-centric project focused on user experience and passenger convenience. It is conceptualised to make seamless urban air travel accessible to every person.  This new aircraft concept results from a broad range of tests and simulations intended to provide highly reliable, cost-effective, fully electric and progressively autonomous urban air transport solution that has low noise footprint. 
With eVTOL, EmbraerX proposes a practical, simple and robust design to allow more aircraft to fly in urban environments. Its team of innovators, creators, thought-leaders, and designers, in partnership with dozens of air traffic controllers, academics, pilots and industry experts combines human-centred design thinking with business-building and engineering expertise to tackle some of the biggest mobility problems facing humanity today.
“As a market accelerator committed to developing solutions to transform life’s experiences, we have been combining human-centred design thinking with our 50-year history of the building and engineering expertise in a unique manner. These are the factors behind the technical progress and leading-edge innovations we are bringing to this new eVTOL concept,” said Antonio Campello, President & CEO, EmbraerX. 
EmbraerX is also a part of the Uber Elevate Network, which is co-creating the future of on-demand urban air transportation. "Embraer's team focused on the customer experience with their latest vehicle concept, using built-in redundant systems to achieve optimal safety, while also achieving low noise output with an eight-rotor system, which enables span-wise lift. Our team looks forward to continued collaboration with the Embraer team to achieve a quiet, green, and safe, aerial ridesharing vehicle," said Mark Moore, Engineering Director of Aviation, Uber.
Future Urban Air Mobility
Urban air mobility (UAM) is certainly not a new idea, and more than 70 companies have already invested over US$1 billion in the development of eVTOL concept vehicles, to date. Forecasters also estimate that 23,000 eVTOLs will be serving a global market worth US$74 billion by 2035.
Although conventional helicopter operators have been providing intra-city transportation solutions for decades, the cost and noise have been limiting the use of UAM system. However, with the convergence of factors including the rise of on-demand transportation, mobile technologies, more precise and reliable CNS technologies, and innovative quieter aircraft, UAM flights can soon become a reality.
EmbraerX believes the new eVTOLs will redefine urban mobility experience. Despite its similarities to a helicopter in appearance, eVTOLs will be much sophisticated with advanced avionics, hybrid engines, ability to exchange information digitally and respond to changes in flight conditions autonomously. They will be powered by batteries or hybrid engines, which will make them quieter than the helicopters. The eVTOLs promises to challenge assumptions about urban air mobility by becoming affordable accessible. More affordable, in part, because eVTOLs will use less or no aviation fuel.
The aircraft technology is expected to mature to a stage where they will operate autonomously without a pilot.  With no runways required eVTOLs will transfer passengers and goods from “skyports” or “vertiports” (areas with take-off and landing [TOL] pads) positioned at different locations across the city. They will traverse over an urban area to another skyport in mere minutes. 
The development of skyports, or vertiports, across a wide metropolitan area will be critical to the growth of the UAM industry. The infrastructure requirements for UAMs will provide an opportunity to build new businesses and create jobs. There will be demand for a whole new set of services to support eVTOL ecosystem. For example, skyports will require facilities to provide eVTOL fleets with battery swap or recharging services and transit options to UAM passengers; fleet operators will have to manage the eVTOLs that fly across cities; and there will be dedicated bookings platforms for passenger rides or cargo movements. All these developments are expected to create jobs and investment opportunities as well as optimise urban transport systems by making air travel more cost effective and accessible to the masses.
Embraer's vision for a dedicated air traffic control system for the urban air mobility industry is called Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM). With technology partners and Embraer’s air traffic control subsidiary, ATECH, Embraer is developing UATM service to become autonomous within 10-15 years. 
EmbraerX is a market accelerator committed to developing solutions that transform life’s experiences. A subsidiary of global aerospace company Embraer, it is engaged in several projects, including the development of an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft concept, a tailored Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) system and a new business platform, named Beacon, designed to foster collaboration and synchronise aviation services companies and professionals in a streamlined and more agile way, to keep aircraft flying. 
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