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Enhancing Ground Force Capability Delivering Tactical Flexibility

Navigating the complex battlefields of the future replete with ever-evolving challenges, demands a new generation of cutting-edge land vehicles. The UAE’s national specialists in armoured vehicles, Al Jasoor and NIMR, sister companies within the Platforms & Systems cluster of EDGE, an advanced technology group for defence and beyond, are in prime position to deliver on this ask. 
Al Jasoor is the exclusive provider of the Rabdan 8x8 amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and is a proud supplier to the UAE. With a commitment to harnessing advanced technologies and innovations in its mobile and versatile vehicles, the company offers those on the frontlines guaranteed protection through enhanced ground force capability and tactical flexibility. An important milestone for the company, its Rabdan fleet expands the capabilities of the nation’s armed forces to provide them with a competitive advantage in the field.
In strategic partnership with Otokar Land Systems, the local UAE entity of Otokar, Al Jasoor leverages the transfer of technology, training and ownership to ensure that the Rabdan is designed and manufactured to fulfil the highest operational requirements.

Based on the successful ARMA platform, and adapted to cater to the specific requirements of the UAE, the Rabdan 8x8 IFV is manufactured to the most rigorous standards and enables end-user customisation. With the option of fitting a high calibre turret-based weapons system (up to 120 mm cannon) onto the platform, the Rabdan positions Al Jasoor at the forefront of modern design. 
Following the delivery of the Rabdan, Al Jasoor provides an integrated suite of military-grade support services that include specialist on-site technical support for the client, repair, refurbishment, preventive and corrective maintenance. The 20-year commitment from Al Jasoor to supplying spare parts, offering technical support, operational and technical training, as well as local retrofitting and personalisation, provides customers life-saving protection and ensures high operational availability.
With a visionary approach in manufacturing land platforms that addresses the future needs of the UAE and its export markets, Al Jasoor’s 8x8 Rabdan is a flexible, future-proofed system – the six-cylinder, turbo-charged IFV is versatile in meeting mission requirements across different terrains. Available in various configurations, and with a capacity to convey up to 11 crew members, it is highly mobile on land with a top speed of over 100 km/h, easily conquering a 60 per cent gradient and a 30 per cent slide slope. The Rabdan also provides amphibious capability with a speed of 9 km/h, combined with modularity and all-round protection in one cost effective package.  
As defence modernisation programmes accelerate globally, and ageing vehicle fleets make way for cutting-edge models, the demand for the 8x8 armoured vehicle is anticipated to grow in emerging markets across Asia and the Middle East. In meeting its mission of manufacturing Advanced vehicles , Al Jasoor offers its clients greater performance excellence and value to position them on the leading edge of tomorrow.

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