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Russia’s Prima Radar to Enter Foreign Markets

Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) has started promoting the P-18-2 Prima high-mobility 2D surveillance and acquisition radar to the foreign market. It has been developed and manufactured by PJSC NITEL and PJSC NPO Almaz.
“Rosoboronexport adds dozens of weapon and military equipment models to its export catalogue every year. We are starting to promote the Prima mobile radar, which offers a unique capability to effectively detect current and emerging low-visibility targets, including any stealth aircraft,” said Alexander Mikheev, General Director of Rosoboronexport and Deputy Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union.
The Prima solid-state radar is based on modern hardware components and digital signal processing and generation technology. It has been designed to detect, track, locate and identify air targets of various classes and types as friend or foe in both jamming and clutter environments, take the bearing of jammers, and feed radar data to users’ automated command-and-control systems. 
The P-18-2 is distinguished from most other radars available on the market by its high mobility achieved through the installation of all equipment and antenna post on one vehicle. Its crew consists of only two people who can operate both from the equipped cabin and remote workstations. The radar also features a high level of automation and can be deployed and stowed within five minutes.
Advanced Capabilities
The Prima radar operates in the Very High Frequency (VHF) band and is capable of detecting any aircraft, including stealth ones. Its range coverage exceeds 320 km and elevation coverage is up to 45 degrees. The minimum detection range is 500 metres. The developers have introduced a number of technology solutions to ensure the radar operates in a jamming environment, difficult terrain and in adverse weather conditions. It automatically detects and tracks low-speed and low-visibility targets in a clutter environment.
The radar is equipped with advanced satellite navigation equipment exploiting GLONASS/GPS signals that provide automatic positioning. It has a built-in diesel power plant and a power take-off generator and can also be connected to a three-phase general-purpose electrical network. At the customer request, the standard diesel generating set can be replaced with a similar one. The radar’s base vehicle chassis can also be replaced.

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