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The JLTV: A New Icon for the Modern Battlefield

The world has produced numerous military vehicles over the past century, but only a select few ever ascended to an iconic status. Germany’s Panzer II tank. The American Jeep. The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) or “Humvee.” And now the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), which is rapidly making tracks to icon status.
Jeeps first earned their off-road stripes in World War II, earning the love of the troops who turned their two-letter name – GP, for general purpose – into an enduring brand. Versatile enough to carry anything and go anyplace, they could scoot down narrow urban alleys, cross fields and streams, and grind their way up muddy roads. They were also light and simple enough that a three-man crew could extricate them when mud, soft shoulders or obstacles stopped their forward progress. 
The early M38 Jeeps from World War II gave way to new Ford-built M151 1/4-tonne models in 1951, vehicles that endured in U.S. Army and Marine Corps fleets for the next 48 years. So famous was the American Jeep that Italian car-racing giant Enzo Ferrari, the legendary father of the Ferrari racing brand, once quipped, “Jeep is America’s only real sports car.”
Next came the Humvee, which burst into global consciousness during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. With its distinctive wide stance and low profile, the Humvee received much buzz, in part due to the market availability of a commercial version. 
But like the Jeep before it, the iconic Humvee has run out of gas. Changing tactics and requirements, advancements in armour and vehicle technology, and the emergence of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) had exposed the soft underbelly of the iconic vehicles: Humvees were designed for general purpose utility first and survivability second. Quite simply, the 30+ year old Humvees lacked the protective features of tactical wheeled vehicles built for mobility and protection. 
Enter the newest icon in the pantheon of tactical wheeled military vehicles, the best the world has ever seen: The unparalleled JLTV. 
Built by Oshkosh Defense to the exacting requirements of the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps, the JLTV is powered by a 340-horsepower Banks 866T 6.6-litre turbo diesel engine mated to a proven Allison 6-speed automatic transmission, delivering the power, torque, and off-road mobility to conquer any terrain. 
The JLTV isn’t just the next great thing. It’s the all-new icon of agile, armoured mobility. Were Enzo Ferrari alive today, he’d be impressed by the JLTV!
After all, this is a vehicle that can speed over highways at 113 kmph, and then without stopping, divert off-road to rumble over mountains, ravines, desert and mud at speeds 70 per cent faster than comparably protected tactical wheeled vehicles. 
That’s because its patented TAK-4iTM intelligent independent suspension provides 508 mm of wheel travel on all four wheels, enough to roll over rocks, flatten ruts and cruise over obstacles. 
“Nothing can close in on an enemy more quickly, get out of range faster, project power downrange, and protect its cargo and crew more effectively,” said Mike Ivy, senior vice president of International Programs and Global Product Support for Oshkosh Defense.  
The JLTV’s integrated driveline lockup control provides extra traction when needed, and a centralised tire-inflation system lets drivers select among four terrain settings from inside the vehicle. 
Crew protection, meanwhile, is second to none. With best-in-class armour, engineered ballistic glass and an advanced V-hull design to deflect blasts away from the crew compartment, the JLTV boasts the best exterior protection on the market. Interior protection is just as robust: blast-protected seating, 5-point crew harnesses, and innovations like automatic fire-suppression systems in the crew capsule, engine compartment and wheel wells inspire confidence in combat. 
So does the range of weapons the JLTV can support. 
“The JLTV is much more than a highly-mobile combat vehicle,” Ivy said. “It’s a premier weapons platform that can support numerous weapons, including 7.62mm manned or remotely-operated machine guns, a variety of cannon missiles and even tube-launched missiles that can be mounted on the optional turret.” Rear and side-mounted weapons are also available.
Think about it: Extreme mobility; best-in-class protection; superior firepower; all in one awesome JLTV package.
Meet the JLTV: The new American icon for the modern battlefield. 

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