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UAVOS: Automating the Future

UAVOS Inc. is a U.S.-based company specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned vehicles and associated control systems. The !rm has been providing rental of operated UAV systems and Gimbals or relevant services to the European and the U.S. market. The company specialises in conducting aerial inspections using UAV and provides services in air (wind turbine and power lines inspections), onshore (technological complexes) and offshore.

At the recently concluded annual Indian exhibition UAV India 2018 Civil & Military, which was held in New Delhi, Bharat Drone Systems Pvt together with UAVOS Inc. demonstrated new examples of unmanned aerial systems (UAS): unmanned vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (VTOL), airplane-type UAV (Fixed Wing). All presented unmanned platforms successfully passed the tests under the control of the UAVOS automatic control system for mobile objects and military equipment. The signi!cance of the Autopilot developed by UAVOS is the possibility of integrating the system into unmanned platforms of different operating environments with various mass-size characteristics.

Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS Lead developer, told Nation Shield: “The signi!cance of the Autopilot developed by UAVOS is the possibility of integrating the system into unmanned platforms of different operating environments with various mass-size characteristics.”

He explained that the Automatic Control System is essentially an on-board computer with a proprietary software for automatic control of mobile objects, including a set of sensors: an inertial system, an air data system (ADS), a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), a magnetic compass, etc., and actuation devices: servo-actuators, propellant charges,
etc. The system con!guration allows connecting to it ready-made third-party modules and entire systems in general.

The main feature of the Autopilot is distributed architecture. Each component of the system has its own microcontroller, which provides data processing and communication with other components in the CAN network. The con!guration of the automatic control system allows to function without the central processor and to distribute control tasks throughout all components of the system.

Stratsilatau added: “The Autopilot is organised in such a way that unmanned platforms (can be of different purposes) are able to interact in a single group. Being within a communication coverage range, unmanned systems automatically synchronise and form a common network. Land-based special task groups, having portable control stations on their hands, can quickly receive information from unmanned complexes taking part in the operation, including taking over the control of them. For example, homing them on target as a barraging explosive unit.”

Different Versions
AP10.1 Automatic Control System:

It is for UAV with a takeoff weight of 100 kg up to 1500 kg. This autopilot can control the heaviest of the weight class. In addition to the above aircrafts it is con!gured for boats and ground platforms as well.
Its bene!ts include extended modular con!guration and system vibroinsulation out-of-the-box.

AP10.2 Mini Automatic Control System:
It is for UAV with a takeoff weight of 15 kg up to 100 kg. This autopilot is additionally con!gured for airplanes for takeoff from a hand and landing with a parachute in automatic mode and has reduced weight and dimensions (avionics - 220 g) and reduced energy consumption.

AP10.3 Micro:
This Auto Pilot system is con!gured for Fixed-wing aircraft and Rotary-wing aircrafts. AP10.3 is being used for installation on vehicles less than 15 kg (micro version). It has reduced weight and dimensions (avionics less than100g) and reduced energy consumption.

State-of-the-art Solutions

UVH-290E is the latest modi!cation of UAVOS helicopters with a gasoline rotary engine. The new unmanned helicopter in the "tractor" modi!cation has MTOW of 236lbs (107kg). Extended telemetry of the constitutive parameters makes it possible to monitor the basic indicators during the #ight, thereby contributing to enhanced reliability and safety. The #ight time of the helicopter is !ve hours with a payload of 11lbs (5kg), the operational ceiling is 6800ft (2100m).

Moreover, the aircraft can operate in high air temperatures – up to +122 ºF (+50°C). UVH-290E is intended for use in reconnaissance, patrolling and observation #ights, and aerial photography of areas in a radius of up to 249 miles (400km).

The aircraft can be used for !re cover (i.e. it is possible to equip it with weapons). Recently UAVOS Inc. completed #ight tests of the solar powered unmanned SAT-i aircraft, designed to perform monitoring and aerial photography during daylight hours. The new unmanned aircraft has demonstrated high performance, successfully completing a non-stop 10-hour mission for aerial photography of the surface landscape with a
payload of a 600-gram mirrorless camera. The UAV is equipped with a Li-Ion battery that allows #ying without solar energy for two (optionally four) hours with payload up to 600 grams. The aircraft is hand-launched, while the #ight and landing are performed in fully autonomous mode.

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