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TrekkerM:Ideal Solution for Multi-role Operations

The AW109 TrekkerM — the 3-tonne class military version of the AW109 Trekker —  is a multipurpose light twin-engine helicopter designed to provide military operators with outstanding mission flexibility and speed.
With its amazing features, the platform enables operations in the most challenging environments whether it is day or night. It is equipped with skid landing gear and a Garmin glass cockpit.
The AW109 TrekkerM, characterised by the state-of-the-art glass cockpit, excellent flying qualities, high controllability and manoeuvrability, robustness and high inherent safety is the ideal solution for multi-role and utility operations. 
The spacious and rapidly reconfigurable cabin is the new cost and operationally effective choice for a variety of roles including: Utility, Aerial Scout, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Armed Escort, Troop Transport, Search and Rescue and Medical Evacuation.
The TrekkerM offers a wide range of optional role equipment, including internal and external weapon systems.
These features make the TrekkerM the best choice in the light utility helicopter market. TrekkerM is also a proven battlefield support with high cruise speed and excellent performance, along with competitive acquisition and direct operating costs. This multi-role helicopter is already in service with several Armed Forces around the world and benefits from an extensive global network of customer support. 
The helicopter is designed for operations in harsh maritime environments, providing maritime commanders with outstanding mission flexibility. The platform can be equipped with a wide range of role equipment, including internal and external weapon systems. 
Leonardo also offers training to enhance pilots’ performance and to maximise safety. The aircraft compact external dimensions enhance maritime operations and assure C-130 aircraft class transportability.
Primary Features
TrekkerM’s Flexible cabin layout is swiftly reconfigurable to mission requirements, with wide doors for exceptional access, rappelling and fast roping and operation of internal weapons.
It consists of a wide range of mission equipment including multi-band radios, Electro-Optic / Infra-Red (EO/IR) device, searchlight, loudspeakers, FLIR, rescue hoist and cargo hook.
Core Avionics 
Avionics of TrekkerM consists of NVG Compatible Genesys Aerosystems Cockpit Display System customised to provide single or dual pilot, VFR or IFR, capability. Two large 6” x 8” EFIS displays provides Primary Flight Display (PFD) and MultiFunction Display (MFD) information for Single Pilot VFR and IFR operations.
Additional 6” x 8” Co-Pilot Primary Flight Display (PFD) for Dual Pilot operations is also available as per need.  TrekkerM possesses dual VHF/AM Communications, Dual VOR, GPS, Transponder (Mode-S) & ADS-B Out and Global Positioning System (GPS) augmented by Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). It also provides fully capable Digital Map and Integrated 3D Synthetic Vision with Highway-In-The-Sky (HITS) navigation. 
The Integrated Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS) in TrekkerM provides worldwide terrain and obstacle database coupled with Internal and External NVG Lighting and Standby Information System.
The Internal weapons in TrekkerM includes up to two pintle-mounted 7.62 mm machine guns and a 12.7 mm machine gun. External Weapons include 12.7 mm Machine-gun Pod (250 or 400 rounds), 70 mm rocket launchers (7 or 12 tubes), Rocket-Machine gun Pod (3 rkts/70mm, 250 rds/ 12.7 mm) and Laser Guided Rockets (LGR). 
Cabin Space and Convenience
TrekkerM’s unobstructed cabin provides space for the rapid transport of fully equipped troops and mission equipment in support of high-tempo operations. 
Large sliding doors on both sides of the helicopter, long footsteps and low floor height enable rapid ingress and egress of troops, ease of loading and unloading of internal cargo, equipment or a stretcher on the ground. Fast roping and hoist operations through the large sliding doors enable troop insertion and extraction from the hover. Cabin door mounted crew served weapons provide wide area threat suppression. 
The cabin can be rapidly reconfigured from Troop Transport and Cargo Re-Supply into more demanding configurations, including MEDEVAC, CASEVAC, SAR, SF/CSAR, Close Air Support and C2/ISR. Additionally, an equipment stowage area, located in the rear fuselage, for equipment such as medical kits, keeps the cabin space free for cabin operations.
Troop Transport
The rapidly reconfigurable cabin also provides fore and aft facing crashworthy seating for up to 6 equipped troops. Ballistic protection as well as crew served weapons, such as 7.62 mm GPMG or Sniper Rifles, installed on pintles mounted in the cabin door, can be provided.
Cargo Re-Supply 
With the ability to carry internal cargo and coupled with a 1,250 kg single cargo hook or 1,250 kg / 500 kg dual cargo hook capability, the helicopter has the capacity to conduct effective resupply and lift operations. 
Search & Rescue 
‘When fitted with 3 seats for hoist operator and paramedic, the AW109 TrekkerM cabin enables hoist operations and personnel recovery through the large cabin door. An optional mission console enhances situational awareness and search capabilities to further enhance mission effectiveness. 
The cabin can be easily reconfigured to enable CASEVAC / MEDEVAC operations with space for 3 ambulatory personnel and a non-ambulatory patient on a stretcher enabling full body access. Attachment points and power outlets are provided for medical equipment. 
SF Team Operations
 Fore and aft bulkhead seating enables rapid egress and ingress of a Special Forces (SF) team through the large sliding doors. The fast roping system enables simultaneous egress of two troops per side. The rescue hoist can be used to recover SF teams when in the hover. Threat suppression is provided by crew served weapons in the cabin door. 
Command and Control (C2), Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) 
Battlefield C2 and enhanced ISR capabilities are provided by a mission console in the cabin that integrates mission systems and sensors. This enables the TrekkerM not only to collect, but also to produce and disseminate time critical C2 and ISR information to the force.
Close Air Support capabilities are provided by a sighting and targeting system combined with the external weapons. Heavy machine gun pods and guided and unguided rockets make available scalable threat suppression capabilities to enhance combat effectiveness.
 Maritime Competence
The TrekkerM provides light twin class helicopter maritime capability. Lashing points and folding main rotor blades enable the AW109 TrekkerM to be secured during adverse weather conditions and stowed in suitably sized hangars.
Ground handling equipment attached to the skid landing gear enables helicopter movement using handling systems. TrekkerM has the capability to operate within the electro-magnetic environment associated with ship operations.
Crash Protection
Leveraging the major contributions to battlefield survivability made by Doctrine and Training, and Intelligence, Mission-Planning and Re-Planning, the TrekkerM can operate effectively in the modern battlefield. 
Platform and mission systems are designed to enable the TrekkerM to avoid threats, avoid detection by threats, avoid acquisition by threats and avoid a hit.
TrekkerM can survive small arms fire due to its inherent ballistic tolerance provided by damage tolerant / fail-safe rotor blades, airframe structure and components, run-dry main gearbox, twin engines with fire suppression systems, dual electrical and hydraulic systems, ballistic tolerant / self-sealing fuel system and ballistic protection of critical components. 
In the event of a crash, TrekkerM provides the crew and personnel in the cabin with various international levels of crash protection through energy absorbing skid landing gear and structure, crashworthy seating and restraints, crashworthy fuel tanks to minimise post-crash fire, flotation equipment for maritime operations, and rapid post-crash / post ditching egress.
Customer Training
Leonardo, through its Helicopters Division, is a world leading provider of professional training services, systems and solutions to a global customer base. 
When it comes to training, the company is fully committed to a policy that enables its customers to make the most effective and safe use of their helicopters.
With over 300 professional training personnel, the company’s Helicopters Division has delivered essential training to the world’s helicopter operators for as many as 65 years. 
Leonardo’s team includes flying and technical instructors with considerable military and civilian helicopter experience. 
The training capability for the AW109 TrekkerM, at the Training Academy in Sesto Calende in Italy, features cutting-edge synthetic training devices combined with a comprehensive programme of training courses for air crew, rear crew, ground crew and maintainers. 
Interestingly, the Helicopters Division is developing a network of regional Training Centres to ensure Customer Training Solutions where customers can access world-class training at a time and place convenient to them.
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