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Prototype Warfare-Part 2 RAS to Reshape Nature of Warfare   Technology has triggered a massive change in the nature of warfare. The methods and techniques adopted in a battlefield today are incredibly different from what it used to

Prototype Warfare

Smart Way Forward to Battlefield with RAS   Men and machines have become inseparable. Pressing the ‘Smart’ key is no more merely an option, but a compulsion. On the military front, Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) technology

Enhancing Situational Awareness with Remote Sensing Technologies

Remote surveillance of the battlefield dates at least to Napoleon’s time when hot air balloons were flown overhead to gain a better understanding of the terrain and the position of enemy troops. Today we call

Australia on the Lookout for Future Lead-In Fighter Training System

The Commonwealth of Australia recently issued a Request for Information (RFI) in relation to AIR 6002 Phase 1 – Future Lead-In Fighter Training System (LIFTS). In the RFI, Australian Defence (ADF) said that the LIFTS

F-35: Shoot Me If You Can

Military sophistication calls for constant upgradation. For Air Force fighter fleet, the need is more considering the high stakes involved. This is where a timely tryst with technology could do the trick. U.S. and allied

Gripen E, F-35 Lightning II and Super Hornet Block III Vie for Canada’s FFCP Contract

Acquiring the aircraft that Canada’s military needs to help ensure the safety and security of Canadians, while ensuring economic benefits for Canada, is a top priority for the Government of Canada. The Government announced on

Getting Ready for Clean Skies: Aircraft Innovations for the 2030s

The year 2035 has been set for a programme of ambitious 20-30 per cent fuel savings for short-medium range aircraft. The Clean Sky initiative involves three interrelated initiatives: radical airliner configuration; hybrid aircraft propulsion; and

Future Vertical Lift Modernising the U.S. Army

The U.S. Army is leading the biggest rotorcraft programme in the history of international air forces. The Future Vertical Lift (FVL) in an ambitious plan to replace all the U.S. Department of Defence’s (DoD) helicopters

NATO Continues to Affirm The Role of Nuclear Deterrence

Nuclear weapons are a core component of NATO’s overall capabilities for deterrence and defence, alongside conventional and missile defence forces. The fundamental purpose of NATO’s nuclear capability is to preserve peace, prevent coercion and deter

The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Defence and Security

Exponential technological progress is affecting every part of life, especially in the digital domain. But where the commercial sphere has become a leader in the democratisation of those technologies in their potential to be weaponised,

Middle East Gathers Momentum for a Clean Energy Future

We all know that a new energy future is coming to the Middle East. Both governments and businesses have been preparing for decades to make the transition from a hydrocarbon-dominated global energy market to a

Glimpse at Missile Systems of the Future

Future missile systems are prepared using a progressive converging process. This process gradually transforms a set of operational needs, industrial strategies (either government driven or internally promoted), ideas and technologies into a new solution that

Artificial Intelligence: Changing the Future of Energy and Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and techniques have the potential to create somewhere between US$3.5 and US$5.8 trillion in value annually across 19 different industries, according to a recent estimate by McKinsey. As the technology becomes

UAVs to Play a Key Role in Present and Future Aerial Operations

Although remotely piloted aircraft came into use more than fifty years ago with the increasing usage of armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), in recent years UAV roles have evolved beyond traditional ISR functions. While the

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