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NATO Bolsters Tech Advantage

Big data and bytes joining bombs and bullets have added a new dimension to the future war scenarios, transforming the international security environment into a complex and dire one unimaginable so far.    To preserve peace, prevent

MUM-T: Taking Man-Machine Connection to Next Level

While men and machines have remained inseparable for years, manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T), a concept which synchronises manned and unmanned platforms with systems-level and operational integration to benefit from the respective strengths, is tightening the bond

No Scope for Laxity in Space Infrastructure Security

The knowledge gap between space and humans has been shrinking by the day with space exploration becoming an indispensable part of humanity.    The important contribution of space science and technology in achieving sustainable development goals and

Raytheon Pitches for Connected Aviation Ecosystem

There’s an overflow of data especially when it comes to aviation. It comes from passengers tapping their phones to book flights, choose seats and check in. It comes from radars watching the weather and transponders

Taliban,Tactical or Strategic Changes?

All of a sudden, Afghan cities and provinces have fallen, one after another, in the hands of the Taliban Movement. The U.S. intelligence had expected that the Kabul government would hold out for at least

Military Trucks Steer Ahead with Innovative Upgrades

Trucks play a crucial role in any army. Designed to transport troops, fuel and military supplies to the battlefield, through asphalted or unpaved dirt roads, military trucks are increasingly expected to overcome hurdles on the

Sky-X,Precursor of Future Loyal Wingman

When the Sky-X demonstrator conducted the first flight on 29 May 2005 at the Vidsel, Sweden test range, it was a demonstration of the first Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV, today commonly known as drone) with

Demand Rises for Special Mission Aircraft

The demand for special mission aircraft has been increasing by leaps and bounds and the reasons are discernible: the battlespace has become increasingly complex and unconventional, while rising geopolitical tensions warrant increased surveillance.   Counterterrorism, medical evacuation,

The UAE and NATO Centers of Excellence: Seizing Opportunities for Mutual Benefit

Following the 911 attacks on the United States, the member states of the transatlantic NATO alliance met in Prague in 2002 to chart a transformational response to the new threat environment.  A cornerstone was the

Royal Australian Air Force Marks Centenary in Style

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) marked recently 100 years since its foundation. In those 100 years, the RAAF has grown from humble beginnings into a highly capable, world-class Air Force, supporting operations and personnel

Armoured Vehicles Steal the Show at IDEX 2021

Mobile fighting units are a concept prevalent for centuries. There was a time when elephants and horses too played an important role in a battlefield. Modern combat, however, is rapidly changing, driven largely by asymmetric

Vehicles Steer Their Way into Prominence at IDEX

Defence capabilities can never be complete without armoured vehicles. Combining mobility with offensive and defensive abilities, such vehicles have been around for quite a long time in varied forms. The difference, though, is that in

How to Effectively Outlaw Chemical Weapons?

A chemical weapon is defined as any toxic chemical that can cause death, injury, incapacitation, and sensory irritation, deployed through a delivery system, such as an artillery shell, rocket or missile. International law explicitly prohibits

Naval Embrace of AI Needs to Tighten

Navies around the globe are increasingly realising that ignoring the limitless benefits offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in naval operations could land them in troubled waters.  While the navies play a prodigious role in the protection

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