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AI in Armies: Trust Holds the Key

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now changing how humans think and make decisions. Looking ahead, it will increasingly affect how humans prioritise various cognitive processes, adapt their learning, their behaviours and training, and broadly transform their

Deterrence, Defence Core Elements of NATO Strategy

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a political and military alliance, whose principal task is to ensure the protection of its citizens and to promote security and stability in the North Atlantic area.    Today, the

Modern Battlefield a Drone-prone Zone

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones, have been developed over a century for military missions considered ‘dull, dirty or dangerous’ (3Ds) for humans. Border surveillance or data collection 24/7, supplies to stranded crew

ADF Marches Ahead with Modernisation

Australia is increasingly defined by a changing geopolitical order and operating spectrum of cooperation, competition and conflict.  The pace of urbanisation and regional competition in littoral environments is bringing its own form of complexity. These

Middle East Accelerates Clean Energy Transition

Despite the pandemic challenges and economic slowdown worldwide in 2020, renewable energy has surfaced as a real alternative that heralds a brighter future. As nations across the globe look for pragmatic and innovative solutions to secure

Hybrid Warfare Complex Threat that Poses Long-term Challenge

With States continuing to be embroiled in zero-sum military and economic competitions, armed conflicts seem inevitable. What is glaring, though, is that the nature of the battlefield has grossly changed.  Conflicts are now fought in new,

Sense & Sensors: UGVs Prove Their Mettle

From simple machines expected to perform easy tasks in lieu of personnel, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) have come a long way.    Now, UGVs operate on the basis of artificial intelligence technologies, using powerful sensors to develop

NATO Bolsters Tech Advantage

Big data and bytes joining bombs and bullets have added a new dimension to the future war scenarios, transforming the international security environment into a complex and dire one unimaginable so far.    To preserve peace, prevent

MUM-T: Taking Man-Machine Connection to Next Level

While men and machines have remained inseparable for years, manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T), a concept which synchronises manned and unmanned platforms with systems-level and operational integration to benefit from the respective strengths, is tightening the bond

No Scope for Laxity in Space Infrastructure Security

The knowledge gap between space and humans has been shrinking by the day with space exploration becoming an indispensable part of humanity.    The important contribution of space science and technology in achieving sustainable development goals and

Raytheon Pitches for Connected Aviation Ecosystem

There’s an overflow of data especially when it comes to aviation. It comes from passengers tapping their phones to book flights, choose seats and check in. It comes from radars watching the weather and transponders

Taliban,Tactical or Strategic Changes?

All of a sudden, Afghan cities and provinces have fallen, one after another, in the hands of the Taliban Movement. The U.S. intelligence had expected that the Kabul government would hold out for at least

Military Trucks Steer Ahead with Innovative Upgrades

Trucks play a crucial role in any army. Designed to transport troops, fuel and military supplies to the battlefield, through asphalted or unpaved dirt roads, military trucks are increasingly expected to overcome hurdles on the

Sky-X,Precursor of Future Loyal Wingman

When the Sky-X demonstrator conducted the first flight on 29 May 2005 at the Vidsel, Sweden test range, it was a demonstration of the first Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV, today commonly known as drone) with

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