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Defence Gets a Tech-Powered Makeover at Eurosatory 2024

Eurosatory 2024, the global event for defence and security, concluded on a high note after a momentous five days (June 17-21). The event served as a vibrant hub for international collaboration, showcasing advanced solutions designed to address the complexities of modern warfare. 
The mega event featured 1,800 exhibitors, with 62 countries represented. Over 40 national pavilions displayed their nations’ defence capabilities, while the event itself showcased 500 new solutions for the global defence and security community.
A total of 2,000 one-on-one meetings were held fostering collaboration. Over 100 conferences and keynote sessions kept over 62,000 professional visitors and 250 official delegations engaged in discussions on the latest defence technology and strategic advancements.
This year’s edition resonated with a shift in focus, acknowledging the transition from asymmetrical conflicts to a potential return of interstate warfare. 
New Brand Identity 
Eurosatory unveiled its new brand identity, marking a fresh chapter after 55 years. Responding to current global challenges, the exhibition revamped its logo and visual identity, adopting the signature “Protect your future.” 
The show became a platform to navigate this new reality, highlighting the emergence of hybrid threats and the profound transformations reshaping defence and security systems.
Beyond the displays of advanced weaponry and equipment, the event delved into the broader challenges of crisis management. 
Discussions surrounding anticipation, prevention, coordination, financing, and the role of technology in future conflicts took centre stage.
Live Demonstrations
A series of exceptional live demonstrations showcased the outstanding know-how of French and international manufacturers, alongside the prowess of the elite units of the French interior ministry and armed forces.
At the 2024 edition, the HELPED (Humanitarian Emergency Logistic Project and Eco Development) capability demonstrator, launched in 2022, was further developed for international use. This modular system of solutions, designed to address challenges in humanitarian and environmental disaster response, was presented on a global scale
The event showcased a myriad of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications poised to revolutionise military operations. From autonomous systems to AI-driven logistics and cyber defence, exhibitors demonstrated how AI is reshaping defence strategies worldwide.
Eurosatory Lab, spanning over 1,000 square metres, showcased innovative solutions from over 60 startups in the defence and security space. This incubator for “disruptive” technologies (hypersonics, new materials, AI, etc.) aimed to create win-win partnerships for both established players and startups. Startups gained opportunities to solidify partnerships, collaborate on research projects, and integrate into open innovation programmes. 
Here are the standout innovations from the companies and other events involving entities that participated:
UAE Pavilion Excels
The UAE National Pavilion, held under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence and Tawazun Council and organised by the Emirates Defence Companies Council (EDCC), made a strong showing at Eurosatory 2024.
The pavilion featured several prominent domestic companies, including the prominent EDGE Group, alongside Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat), Key Technologies, and Capital Events. 
EDGE, a global leader in advanced technology and defence solutions, made its debut at the event, showcasing over 50 advanced products and solutions.
The participation of UAE companies served a dual purpose. Firstly, it aimed to highlight the capabilities of the UAE’s defence industries to a global audience. Secondly, it served as a platform to promote the upcoming International Defence Exhibition “IDEX 2025” scheduled to be held in Abu Dhabi. Capital Events, a participant at the pavilion, specifically focused on promoting this major event.
Anas Naser Al Otaiba, General Manager of EDCC, emphasised the significance of international exposure for UAE defence companies. He stated the belief that local industries have the potential to become major players in the global defence market. 
Participation in Eurosatory aligns with the EDCC’s strategy to enhance the capabilities of its member companies by providing them with a platform to showcase their products and technologies. 
OSAC-UAE Aviation Agreement
OSAC, a subsidiary of the Apave Group specialising in aeronautics, signed a framework agreement with the UAE Military Aviation Authority. The agreement was formalised at Eurosatory, marking OSAC’s role in implementing airworthiness oversight for the UAE military fleet under European standards (EMAR 1). 
OSAC’s selection underscored its global expertise in aviation safety, having provided audit, certification, and training services internationally, including partnerships with the European Defence Agency.
Saab’s Compact Radar Module
Saab showcased the Compact Radar Module for the Giraffe 1X radar. Designed as an all-in-one solution, the module featured an antenna that could fold down into a compact, lightweight unit with enhanced mobility for rapid deployment. 
The Giraffe 1X radar, renowned for its reliability and continually updated software, could now be integrated seamlessly with the Compact Radar Module, offering a small footprint and a broad search volume of up to 75 km. 
The Giraffe 1X radar provides air defence target data, drone detection, and simultaneous rocket, artillery, and mortar threat alerts, with continuous software upgrades to counter emerging threats.
BAE’s Euro Defence Innovations 
BAE Systems showcased its pivotal role in European defence through an array of advanced technologies and strategic partnerships. 
The company, known for its contributions across NATO and Europe, featured a diverse lineup including vehicles like the CV90 and BvS10 Beowulf, alongside artillery such as the M777 towed howitzer and cutting-edge ammunition like the NGAA and BONUS. 
A new ground-based air defence platform debuted, alongside innovations like the T-650 unmanned aerial system and advanced military electronics. 
The display underscored their collaborative efforts with European partners, reinforcing their position as a major contributor to regional security and technological advancement. 
Airbus’ Sustainability Commitment
Airbus showcased its latest innovations for the defence industry, emphasising discussions on the increasing impact of climate change on armed forces operations, particularly in protecting populations during natural disasters. Airbus underscored its belief in the synergy between defence and sustainability, aiming not only to reduce its environmental footprint but also to enhance its positive contributions to global challenges.
ELT Group’s AI-Powered Defence 
ELT Group highlighted solutions that promise tactical superiority, strategic autonomy, and interoperability for users. These solutions incorporate advanced technologies like new digital processes, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.
One example was the multi-domain Cyber Electro-Magnetic Activities (CEMA) system, designed to protect networks and assets from cyberattacks by combining radio frequency and cyber capabilities.
Another land solution presented was the Adrian system, a counter-drone technology capable of intercepting and neutralising small drones in various environments. This system features multi-spectral sensors for threat detection and identification, with a “Cyber RF” function to address complex drone threats. 
The Group also presented TEWS (Tactical EW Solution), which combines electronic warfare and signal intelligence capabilities to provide network protection and intelligence gathering, enhancing situational awareness.
Rheinmetall’s New Systems, Products
Rheinmetall was one of the largest exhibitors, showcasing numerous new systems, products, and concepts across its divisions. The theme for its presentation was “Freedom needs Enablers.” 
Highlights included the debut of the GMARS rocket artillery system in collaboration with Lockheed Martin and the unveiling of a new main battle tank demonstrator.
Rheinmetall, alongside technology partner Ineratec, presented the Giga-PtX project for war-ready fuel supply using synthetic fuels. The Caracal airborne vehicle demonstrated high off-road capability with synthetic fuel derived from hydrogen, CO2, and electricity. 
The Ermine (Hermelin) tactical small vehicles were also introduced, featuring new drive technologies and autonomous capabilities for tactical transport and energy supply.
Key exhibits included the Skyranger 35 turret on a Leopard 2 chassis for tactical air defence, Lynx KF41 Skyranger 30, and Boxer Skyranger 30 wheeled air defence tank. 
The company highlighted its Network Enabled Warfare capabilities with the Digitalised Brigade concept and showcased advanced effect systems such as the Natter weapon station and Remote-Controlled Munition.
Leonardo Debuts AW249 Helicopter 
Leonardo debuted its AW249 helicopter, named ‘Fenice’, marking its international premiere. 
Key features include an open architecture for future growth, a sophisticated Battle Management System, and advanced human-machine interfaces in its cockpit. 
With production expected to start soon and deliveries slated for 2027, the AW249 aims to replace the Italian Army’s ageing AW129 fleet and is poised for international export.
Guardiaris’ JLTV Crew Trainer 
Guardiaris debuted its Modular Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Crew Trainer, setting a new standard in simulation technology. This advanced simulator offers unparalleled realism and modularity, crucial for training crew members in mission-critical operations. 
Tailored for four roles within the JLTV—driver, gunner, commander, and a fourth operator—the simulator replicates the vehicle’s interior with precision on a six Degrees of Freedom (DoF) motion platform. 
It integrates seamlessly with Remote Weapon Station (RWS) simulators, enhancing tactical training by simulating ballistics and tactical interconnections across multiple JLTV units. 
The system’s physiological sensors monitor biometric signals like heart rate and eye tracking, providing real-time feedback on trainee performance. This comprehensive approach supports detailed after-action reviews (AAR), enabling robust data collection and analysis crucial for optimising crew readiness and operational effectiveness in complex combat environments.
Lacroix CBRN Training
Proengin and Lacroix Defense announced their collaboration on SIMTAC, the first aerosol chemical threat training simulant integrated into Lacroix’s REAL-XT training range. This innovative partnership addresses critical security concerns amid rising 4th generation chemical threats and preparations for the Olympic Games. 
Proengin’s detection solutions, capable of identifying a wide array of threats including aerosols, are pivotal for military and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) teams in scenarios ranging from environmental verification at event venues to crisis management and protection protocols. 
The alliance enhances training realism by simulating aerosol threats, reinforcing safety protocols, and ensuring effective crisis response strategies for large-scale events and high-risk environments.
Senop’s Smart Sight 
Senop showcased its advanced smart sight, the Senop AFCD TI. Partnering with the Patria Group, Senop exhibited the fire control system at the show. 
Specifically designed for the Carl-Gustaf M3 and M4 Multi-Role Weapon Systems, the AFCD TI integrated thermal and day cameras with an advanced ballistic computer in a single casing. The innovation enhances operational effectiveness by improving first-hit probability and reducing aiming errors, crucial for tactical success in dynamic scenarios.
Patria’s Concept Vehicle
The European FAMOUS (Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured Systems) programme aimed to enhance armoured vehicle performance with EU funding. 
Results achieved so far indicate the development of a versatile tracked vehicle platform suitable for diverse operational environments.
Patria unveiled a concept Tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier developed under the FAMOUS programme, advancing to the concept testing phase for practical performance evaluation. Finland led the initiative with Patria as the industrial coordinator responsible for vehicle design, system integration, and prototype production. 
Novadem: Record Order of Micro-drones
Novadem, based in Aix-en-Provence, has reached a milestone in 2024 with a record order of 260 NX70 micro-drones from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. 
The acquisition by the Aeronautical Maintenance Directorate (DMAé) marks a significant increase in the drone capacity within the armed forces, bringing the total number of drones ordered from Novadem to over 440 since 2018. Deliveries of the new drones are scheduled between 2024 and 2025, making it the largest single order received by Novadem in the past five years.
Grupo Oesía/Thales Tie-up
Grupo Oesía and Thales solidified their commitment to defence and security innovation through a collaborative agreement signed at the show. The partnership leverages their strengths in dual-use technologies across sectors like aerospace, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. 
By co-developing and selling solutions, they aim to enhance offerings for international customers while promoting European strategic autonomy in defence technology. 
Babcock’s GLV Family 
Babcock International Group unveiled its latest addition to the General Logistics Vehicle (GLV) family, the medium wheelbase variant. Featuring a robust 2.8-litre engine delivering 200bhp and 370lb/ft of torque, paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox, the GLV ensures formidable off-road capability with a 39-degree approach angle and 276 mm ground clearance. 
Designed to support military operations globally, it accommodates four crew members comfortably and offers ample storage for extended patrols. Built on the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series platform, the GLV combines Babcock’s engineering expertise with Toyota’s off-road heritage, delivering versatility and reliability for diverse military missions.
ST Engineering’s Terrex 8x8
At the show, attendees immersed themselves in ST Engineering, a Singaporean firm revolutionising the defence sector, exploring five key business areas. The Land Systems Business showcased cutting-edge fighting platforms, advanced weaponry, and top-tier ammunition, while the Digital Systems Business demonstrated expertise in network systems, system architecture, and satellite communication technology. 
Innovations included the Terrex 8x8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle S5 and the robust Bronco defence vehicle, with ST Engineering outlining its strategic vision for the European Defence Markets, aiming to make a significant impact through contributions in defence technology showcased at the event.
Eyes on Eurosatory 2026
As Eurosatory 2024 drew to a close, it left behind a legacy of innovation and collaboration in the defence sector. The exhibition brought together a diverse array of global exhibitors, showcasing cutting-edge advancements and fostering new partnerships. 
Keynotes and conferences underscored the event’s significance in shaping the future of defence technologies. 
Looking ahead, anticipation builds for Eurosatory 2026 promising continued progress and international cooperation in defence innovation.

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