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UAE–Japan ties:Getting Diverse and Stronger Every Year

Japan displayed the Kawasaki C-2, a mid-size, twin-turbofan engine, long range, high speed military transport aircraft developed and manufactured by Kawasaki Aerospace Company at the Dubai Airshow this year.
By: Sakha Pramod
The C2 flew to Dubai making its international debut at the Airshow underscoring the importance Japan accords to the UAE. Japan is committed to working together with UAE to contain piracy on the high seas which is a major threat to international maritime navigation and also in space, having signed an MoU last May with the UAE Space Agency on space activities for peaceful purposes. Earlier in March, a cooperation arrangement between the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and UAE Space Agency was agreed.
The UAE has ambitious projects represented by the Emirates Mars Mission and Mars 2117 Project. Japan will make further contributions through technical cooperation and human resource development. Since a Japanese rocket will be used for the launch of the UAE Mars Probe, Japan will indeed make its best efforts for a successful launch. At the fifth World Government Summit in Dubai, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had praised the UAE for its tolerance.
With a highly diversified economy and its status as a business hub covering Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the UAE has attracted many Japanese companies over the past few decades. In January 2016, there were about 300 Japanese companies in the UAE, dealing in everything from manufacturing and renewable energy to food.
The ties can be extended to culture and sports with prospects of cultural exchanges in falconry, equestrian and judo to connect the hearts and feelings of peoples of both nations. Japan and the UAE are also getting ready to host global events in 2020 — Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Game and Expo 2020 Dubai. 
In a wide-ranging interview the Japanese Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense Keitaro OHNO tells Nation Shield how the two way ties have grown exponentially over the years.
How do you assess the current state of Japan-UAE relations?
Japan’s ties with the UAE has been going from strength to strength considering that the UAE represents nearly a third of Japan’s trade with countries in the Middle East.  “We have close ties in the energy sector since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1972 and over the years, the ties have grown to include areas like economy, security and defence, science and technology, education, medicine and space.
Japan is a rather new entrant to transport aircraft as Japan Air Self-Defence Force first deployed Kawasaki C-2 only this year. What potential do you see for this aircraft? 
We are very happy to present our C-2 aircraft here for the first time. This aircraft has a long-range capability and is able to fly from here to Alaska. We are a peace loving country and this is mainly a transport aircraft. We are using the aircraft for non-military purposes as well. Furthermore, we are open to export opportunities of cooperation with other governments. 
What are the capabilities of C-2 aircraft? 
The C-2 can be used in tactical situations for playing various roles such as international cooperation and emergency aid operations. It is a domestically developed and manufactured aircraft adapting various new aircraft systems. It is the largest aircraft developed in Japan with twin turbofan engines, high wing and T-tail. 
The aircraft is superior to others of the same type in performance, loading and capability and range. The refuelling receptacle is mounted on top of the fuselage, which enables further long distance and long endurance flight. 
The C-2 cockpit is compatible with night vision goggles. In addition, C-2 is equipped with Heads-Up-Display (HUD), which assist pilots to accomplish missions by not only showing a flight path with guidance but also indicating threats along the path. 
It has a large cargo compartment with a high ceiling, and it is equipped with the ramp door for drive-on and drive-off loading and unloading of vehicles. The enhanced labour saving loading unloading system enables quick and easy loading and unloading ground. With the latest technologies, the C-2 flies faster and has greater range, heavier loading capacity, and a larger cargo compartment than the C-1 and other transport aircraft, thereby fulfilling a wide range of missions such as international support operations. 
The aircraft can transport troops, drop supplies and undertake medical evacuation during the day and night, even in hostile environments. 
Do you see the Middle East as a major client for this aircraft? 
We think this aircraft is of significance to this region since it is capable of landing on many types of runways. Heavier transport aircrafts sometimes need reinforcing the existing runways. In addition, C-2 is suitable for missions, which do not need bigger transport aircrafts. This also helps in cutting the cost of operations. 

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