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Nexter Rolls Out VBCI MkII, Targets Qatar Deal

French defence company Nexter, a subsidiary of KNDS, is seeking to extend its collaboration with the Qatar Armed Forces by introducing the VBCI MkII, an advanced 8x8 infantry fighting vehicle. 
This new offering, an improvement upon the French Army’s existing model, features the innovative T40 turret integrating an Akeron MP missile and a 40mm cased-telescoped ammunition (CTA) gun, capable of penetrating 140mm of armour at 1500m. 
These enhancements ensure comprehensive coverage against all types of land threats, from infantry to main battle tanks.
Having been combat-proven by the French army for over a decade, the VBCI has consistently demonstrated exceptional combat capabilities. Its track record speaks volumes; notably, the VBCI has played a pivotal role in preserving the lives of all crew and soldiers it carried during war operations. 

Jaguar Vanguard
The Jaguar reconnaissance and combat vehicle stands as the pinnacle of modern cavalry technology, having entered service with the French forces in 2021 and poised to join the ranks of the Belgian army. Representing the cutting-edge of reconnaissance and combat capabilities, the Jaguar signifies a new era in armoured vehicle warfare. Its introduction marks a significant milestone in military advancement, offering unmatched agility, firepower, and versatility on the battlefield.
The Jaguar is the perfect mix of Nexter, Arquus and Thales know-how. Its turret integrates the 40CTA gun and the Akeron MP missile. This 25t vehicle combines state-of-the art weapons, the newest vetronics for communication and combat as well as an excellent mobility.
The Jaguar, showcased at KND’s booth during DIMDEX 2024, features the renowned T40 turret. As part of a family of turrets sharing the same weapon system, the T40 offers a remarkable 60° elevation site for its cannon, enhancing its operational flexibility and effectiveness on the battlefield. 
Firepower Focus
Nexter offers a comprehensive range of ammunition, covering most NATO calibres for main battle tanks, naval, and land systems. This includes the 40mm CTA, which is utilised by vehicles such as the VBCI MkII and the Jaguar. 
Equipped with an APDSFS capable of defeating 140mm armour at 1500m, it exemplifies Nexter’s commitment to advanced weaponry. Nexter provides ammunition in the 155mm category, such as the Katana, a high-precision guided artillery ammunition. In the 120mm calibre, essential for MBTs, Nexter introduces innovations like the SHARD, a new APFSDS that outperforms current models by more than 10 per cent.

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