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Tanks Reforged: Innovation Drives Armoured Might

The evolving global geopolitical landscape has underscored the importance of armoured vehicles in modern warfare. In response, the U.S. and its allies are investing US$5 billion annually to modernise their fleets, driving growth and innovation

AI: A Cybersecurity Tool and Threat ..We want AI to fight against AI

In the realm of cybersecurity, the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) presents a dual role: a robust shield against threats, yet also a looming peril.    Cybersecurity leaders must navigate a complex and ever-changing environment where cyberattacks

Typhoon: Euro-Fuelled Fighter & Jobs Machine

The Eurofighter programme, Europe’s largest defence collaboration, is taking flight towards the next generation.  Managed by Eurofighter GmbH, this multinational effort led by Italy, UK, Germany, and Spain is not just about powerful aircraft. It’s

Rise of Indispensable Assets for Modern Warfare

In the culmination of our military helicopter series, we offer an overview of these versatile aerial assets’ pivotal roles in contemporary warfare. It’s important to clarify that our focus is exclusively on the widely utilised

Observation Helicopters: Eagle-Eyed Guardians

Military Helicopters – Part 9 Welcome to the latest instalment of our Military Helicopters exploration. We’ve already navigated the diverse landscape of attack, transport, rescue, naval, and utility choppers, but now, we ascend to a whole

Training Helicopters: Steel Birds Teach to Soar

Military Helicopters – Part 8 Welcome to the next chapter of our Military Helicopters series. Having extensively covered the dynamic realms of Attack, Transport, Search and Rescue, Naval Helicopters, and delving deeper into Utility Helicopters in

Utility Helicopters: Guardians of the Deep

Military Helicopters: Part 7 Welcome to the latest instalment of our comprehensive exploration into the world of military helicopters. As we delve deeper into our Military Helicopters series, this seventh part serves as the second chapter

Utility Helicopters: Lifeline in the Clouds

Military Helicopters: Part 6   In this instalment of our Military Helicopters series, following our exploration of Helicopter Types, Attack Helicopters, Transport Helicopters, Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopters, and Naval Helicopters in earlier editions, we now focus

Naval: Eyes in the Sky, Hands on the Waves

Military Helicopters: Part 5     Welcome to the fifth instalment of our series on military helicopters. In the earlier editions, we explored different categories of helicopters, including Helicopter Types, Attack Helicopters, Transport Helicopters, and Search and Rescue

Return Home Interviews with Children Who Have Been Missing: An Exploratory Analysis

Laura Boulton1, Jessica Phoenix2,  Eric Halford3, Aiden Sidebottom4    1  School of Justice Studies, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK 2 Research and Innovation, Rabdan Academy, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 3 Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science,

SAR: Lifesavers in the Sky

Military Helicopters: Part 4   Military helicopters encompass various classifications determined by their specific roles and capabilities. In the preceding three editions, we delved into Helicopter Types, Attack Helicopters and Transport Helicopters. In this issue, our focus shifts

Hybrid Warfare: The Continuation of Ambiguity by Other Means

By: Andrew Mumford1, Pascal Carlucci2   This article presents the study of ambiguity as the essence of hybrid warfare to reconcile it with the international political context. It addresses the gaps in the literature in an effort

Transport Helicopter: The Rotorcraft Workhorse of Air Force

Military Helicopters: Part 3   Military helicopters are classified into several types based on their roles and capabilities. In the previous two issues, we had talked about helicopter types and Attack Helicopters. In this issue, we cover

Attack Helicopters: The Dominance of the Skies

In the previous issue, we highlighted how military helicopters are categorised into light, medium, and heavy classes based on factors like size, weight, payload capacity, and operational roles. Military helicopters are also classified into several

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