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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is looking forward to build and deepen cooperation with UAE partners and local defence vendors to broaden the levels of co-development and co-production of systems and provide added value when facing challenges posed by the modern battlefield and world of aviation. Excerpts from an interview with Sharon Biton, Vice President Marketing, IAI.
What are IAI’s major products relevant to the UAE?
IAI is Israel’s largest and leading company in the fields of defence, aviation, aerospace, intelligence, and cyber, with combat-proven systems among the most advanced in the world. IAI stands in line with world leaders in these fields and has a wide portfolio of products. IAI will showcase a wide variety of strategic defence systems using interactive scenarios at the 2021 Dubai Airshow including Multi-Mission Aircraft System, VTOL UAS by Blue Bird Aero Systems, various satellites electrical optics payloads and missiles. In addition, IAI will present new cyber systems, and MRO and passenger to freighter conversions capabilities.
IAI participated in a big way at the CyberTech exhibition in Dubai. How was the experience?
CyberTech Dubai was one of the first in-person exhibitions held since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, it was an exhilarating experience for us to attend the event. IAI invested a lot of effort in participating in CyberTech, including hosting a large booth and sending a delegation of leading experts headed by me. We also participated in several events at the conference, including a lecture by our VP and General Manager of the Cyber Division at IAI’s ELTA, Esti Peshin. Overall, we believe that CyberTech was an excellent opportunity to engage with stakeholders in Dubai, and to further promote the collaboration and relationship between our two countries. We consequently also participated in the GISEC conference and exhibition and are looking forward to many more events in the UAE in the near future.
What are IAI’s plans for Dubai Airshow 2021?
The 2021 Dubai Airshow will provide an excellent opportunity for IAI to showcase comprehensive technologies and integrated solutions at all arenas in aerospace, military, naval, homeland security, cybersecurity, and civil aviation solutions. IAI applauds the normalisation agreements signed by Israel, UAE, and other countries in the region, agreements that open a window for extended cooperation, sharing of knowledge, promoting investment, development, and localisation of joint technology. The 2021 Dubai Airshow will serve as an opportunity to build and expand a long-lasting strategic partnership with our neighbouring nations.
The IAI booth will be located in a central location of the expo, alongside other Israeli companies in the Israeli pavilion. IAI will present some of the latest and most advanced defence solutions, featuring the latest technologies in military aviation, air defence and missiles systems, unmanned systems, special mission aircraft, radars, and cyber technology. The systems on display will include elctro-optics payloads, VTOL UAS by Blue Bird Aero Systems, and a Multi-Mission Aircraft. In addition, we will display various satellites, MRO and passenger to freighter conversions capabilities, cyber abilities, and many more systems. 
How does IAI see the future of the partnership with the UAE? 
IAI is excited to build and deepen cooperation with UAE partners and other local defence vendors and use the momentum of the Abraham Accords to broaden the levels of co-development and co-production of systems that will cater to the needs of our Emirati costumers and give them added value when facing the challenges posed by the modern battlefield and world of aviation. IAI sees in the UAE a strategic partner, and our cooperation will help build a safer and stronger Middle East. 
The 2021 Dubai Airshow is a harbinger of long-term activity in the UAE and in the region as a whole. IAI sees our activity in the region as an opportunity to promote cooperation within the regional eco-system and is open to promoting defence as well as civilian endeavours on a range of topics, including space and satellites, air defence and rocketry, intelligence, robotics, UAVs, cyber, etc. 
IAI’s advantages over other companies are first and foremost its ability to be flexible and tailor its system of systems to different customers according to their differing needs. Secondly, IAI’s systems are combat-proven. Finally, we have experience in cooperating with local vendors and bringing added value to a local ecosystem. IAI sees the UAE as a leader among the Gulf states and is ready to partner with the UAE and other partners to create new solutions to the ever-changing environment. Together, we have a brighter future. 
The relationship IAI shares with Nation Shield and UAE has been progressively strengthening. Kindly comment.
IAI is looking forward to participating in the 2021 Dubai Airshow and strengthening our relations and cooperation with local entities. One of the new partnerships we are developing is with Nation Shield – a high-quality publication which has given us a platform to showcase our products and advancements to various markets across the region, and to connect with new partners. As security threats evolve and we find ourselves faced with similar challenges to the UAE, we are excited to bring our minds and abilities together to create new solutions. IAI sees Nation Shield as supporting the region’s defence community, and we look forward to future presence in the magazine.

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