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Italy Sees More Opportunities in the UAE Aviation Sector

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) promotes the globalisation of Italian firms, mainly small and medium, under the aegis of the Ministry of Economic Development. ITA helps to develop, facilitate and promote Italian economic and trade relations with foreign countries, focusing on the needs of SMEs, their associations and partnerships. Amedeo Scarpa, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE, Oman and Pakistan spoke to Nation Shield on the maiden participation of ITA at the Dubai Airshow.
By Sakha Pramod
How would you describe the trade prospects of Italy with the UAE and the Middle East?
For the first six months of 2019, Italy’s aviation and aerospace export globally is worth over EUR 3,6 billion, with a growth of 7.6 per cent and a surplus of EUR 1,7 billion. Despite the trend of general decrease in demand of imported products in the UAE, in 2018 the Italian aviation and aerospace sector exports grew consistently, from EUR 31,8 million to EUR 86,5 million (with +172 per cent). The ITA plays a vital role in establishing and expanding home-grown Italian firms abroad; and the Dubai Airshow is a platform that will drive our mission. 
Tell us about your participation.
Around 40 Italian companies are participating in the Dubai Airshow and the ITA supports nine of these highly specialised Italian manufacturers showcasing the latest technologies, designed to solve today’s aviation and aerospace sector challenges. We are here to promote the small and medium companies, as the bigger players like Leonardo come to these shows anyway.
Which are the companies exhibiting under your umbrella?
The companies participating with us include AEREA, Aerospace Materials Management, ARGOTEC, Co.Me.Ar S.r.l., MB Elettronica, M.B. Servizi & Trasporti, Merletti Aerospace, O.V.S. Villella S.r.l., and SOLIANI EMC. ITA sustains Italian firms in their internationalisation process by promoting the marketing of Italian goods and services as well as the image of “Made in Italy” products around the world.
What are the key products at your pavilion?
At the ITA collective pavilion, you will see products and services including high performance equipment for aircraft, satellites, radar equipment and space launchers, innovative aerospace equipment for space travel, complex mechanical components, electronics manufacturing solutions and services, electromagnetic shielding custom solutions, precision mechanics and design. The high-tech integrated systems offered by the Italian aerospace experts are presented at the Italian Trade Agency pavilion.
What are your impressions of the show?
This is the first time we are participating here. Our participation in the most important aerospace event in the UAE is a testament to our firm belief that partnership and knowledge sharing are key to thrive in any industry. The UAE aviation sector is a crucial contributor to the country’s growth, currently contributing approximately 15 per cent to the UAE’s overall GDP. We look forward to creating more opportunities for SMEs in the thriving aviation sector of the UAE, and the wider region as well. 

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