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KNOWLEDGE POINT Adds a New Dimension to Knowledge Transfer

KNOWLEDGE POINT (KP), part of EDGE’s mission support cluster, offers a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions and services built on proven methodologies making a difference in how organisations manage, train and educate their people. With more than 10 years of proven experience in the field, KNOWLEDGE POINT today plays an integral role in highly specialised defence sectors. Talal Al Hashmi, Chief Executive Officer, KNOWLEDGE POINT shares with Nation Shield insights on the core competencies of the company and how they are transforming the training, consulting and education sector. 
By Sakha Pramod
When was your company established and with what objective? 
KNOWLEDGE POINT was established in 2009, and it has been a prominent provider of education and consulting services for over a decade now. Our offerings include comprehensive organisational and mission assessments, as well as tailored training and education services. These products play an integral role in highly specialised projects across the defence, security, government and educational sectors. We have successfully leveraged our global expertise and capabilities across these domains and our teams deliver strategic, operational and tactical results.
We also place significant priority on community building in the education sector, something we have been working on with separate clients for years now. There are several initiatives starting at the elementary school level proceeding through the post-secondary school level. We believe we act as strategic partners, ensuring our clients complete readiness to meet tomorrow’s threats. So, that in a nutshell is the objective of our establishment.
What are your capabilities in military training and education?
KNOWLEDGE POINT possesses deep experience in military education at every level, from developing doctrine, to creating cross training programmes and training manuals, to educating the military customers, and end users on all relevant topics. Our comprehensive portfolio of training solutions and services are built on proven methodologies and a thorough training needs analysis. We provide our customers with measurable results, improved training and readiness, and superior performance while identifying efficiencies, and cost reductions. 
Our experience in military training is extensive, considering they are one of our biggest customers; but we are also focused on the law enforcement and security industry in general. We provide individual and collective training in authorised training environments to enhance the learning needs of the students. We have developed integrated training for a variety of customers including the Armed Forces and have introduced a system approach to training programmes covering officers and non-commissioned officers. 
We believe that education is the foundation of organisational improvements. Our educational services are available for the government, cybersecurity and military sectors. Also, we think that the transfer of knowledge to our clients must develop a foundation for more acceptable and rapidly innovating defences. And that’s where we differ in how the term ‘knowledge transfer’ has been used extensively in the last decade in the region. We have added another dimension to it, the knowledge application. We are not only ensuring that technology is transferred, but also ensuring that it is applied and achieves the intended result.
KNOWLEDGE POINT also has significant experience in the world of virtual training and simulation, which can provide training at a much-reduced cost.
In which countries or regions do you offer your services? How are they received?
Well, currently our services are focused on the UAE. However, we are actively looking to expand into the GCC and the MENA region. We offer solutions to individual client needs, which is one of our core competencies. Many large consulting firms design solutions before interacting with a client and those solutions may not address specific client needs, which is something specifically we try to avoid. Hence, the way we do business is received as innovative and effective in the industry we operate. 
What is your expertise in cyber security training?
KNOWLEDGE POINT has an all-inclusive cyber security awareness programme. Our cyber awareness programme starts at the elementary school level with cyber security and social media awareness campaign for students. It makes students aware of the cyber landscape including potential threats and the impact of social media. Students in our programme can polish their technical skills using various IT and cybersecurity technologies. 
Your consulting services are spread across various sectors including the intelligence community. Could you elaborate?
As mentioned earlier, we are involved with many military organisations. As a primary differentiator, we provide tailored solutions based on the client’s request and requirement. We share our mentors and consultants with clients.
We assist our clients in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks. We also leverage our expertise to assist the client in creating a more effective, resilient, and innovative solution. This enables our clients to take on new challenges, enhance their capabilities, and achieve consistent results. 
What kind of practical training do you offer?
We usually look for more appealing and new ways to conduct practical training. Today, we offer a full spectrum of practical training, including white papers, workshops, classroom training, tabletop exercises, training simulators, field training and field exercises. We design, supervise, and manage these offerings and have now employed qualified consultants to run these programmes.
How integrated are you with the defence forces in the UAE?
Our consultants and subject matter experts (SMEs) work with the defence forces as though they are an integral part of the organisation. The only exception being that they are not in uniform. Again, in both formal and informal knowledge transfer methods, the client is always side by side with our SMEs while participating in daily planning and operations. Our SMEs offer vast experience, technical expertise, methodological knowledge and strong execution processes to suit customer needs.
Do you recruit only UAE nationals to ensure a bigger role for them in the segments you serve?
KNOWLEDGE POINT hires from a variety of different sources, with UAE nationals playing the key role in several areas of the business. We continue to seek and hire local and international SMEs from various governments and defence industry entities as they have proven to be very helpful and effective in different programmes and projects. We also have efforts in place to create a strategic national force that can directly contribute to the building of the knowledge-based economy. Manpower is not about headcount, but about having staff working in key positions with technical expertise that can support our national growth. 
Could you give us some insight into your company’s upcoming strategies? Do you plan to introduce any additional services?
We do. Our strategy for the future is to continue to be a leading international service provider for defence and security forces. So, we are working on pursuing clients in the GCC and in the MENA regions like I mentioned earlier, focusing on providing analyses of organisations and their ability to succeed through Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA), which is our signature product and service. The key differentiation that our services brings to the region is the deep personal understanding of the end user’s or the client’s culture. And the result is that we are able to provide economical solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client, enabling rapid progress and improvement in execution.

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