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UAVOS Launches New Ground Control Station

UAVOS has introduced a new Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS 3) implemented as a console with controls collected on the ergonomic control panel. PGCS 3 in its basic configuration comes with a military-grade rugged Getac X500 laptop. The ability to integrate different 15” laptop computer models makes the system a versatile platform to use.
The PGCS 3 is a detachable computer and a console with additional controls. The system is fully compatible with UAVOS autopilot. Console joysticks, push buttons and switches are industrial waterproofed units. The panel is equipped with a quick-release mechanism for docking the laptop.
The PGCS 3 is designed to monitor and control UAV, as well as to display live video streaming from UAV. It can be used as a simulator. The station is designed for simultaneous work with an aircraft carrying a payload. A digital modem integrated into the UAVOS system provides UAV control without using an external antenna complex. The company has also developed a switching and power supply board, which allows the PGCS 3 to work from various power sources, as well as to charge the docked computer.
The PGCS 3 has small overall dimensions (length 25,8in (656mm), width 13in (332mm), height 5in (128mm), console weight – 8,6lb (3,9kg), Getac X500 weight – 12lb (5.5kg), protection from moisture and dirt. Console housing is made of aluminium alloy.

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