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Innovation and Combat Performance: The New VARTA APC

Science Technology Company based in Saudi Arabia and its partner company from the Ukraine have recently unveiled the launch of an advanced family of armoured vehicles. The launch took place during the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX).
Science Technology has partnered up with the Ukrainian Armour company to realise plans to jointly promote the new family of modern combat armoured vehicles in the MENA region. The new VARTA armoured vehicle was displayed during the exhibition alongside models of the newest Novator rapid intervention vehicle and mobile mortar system. The new family of armoured vehicle is ideal for transporting soldiers in combat situations, while it can also be equipped as a Command-Post Vehicle or for the evacuation of troops.
Science Technology’s partner, the design and manufacturing company Ukrainian Armour, has vast experience in the defence industry, primarily in meeting the demands not only of the Ukrainian Armed Forces but of armies around the world. Ukrainian Armour manufactures Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) VARTA for transporting soldiers in combat situations and leads the provision of services under the same management structure on engineering, production, consulting, legal support and sales of defence products, both for domestic and foreign markets. 
Ukrainian Armour also specialises in manufacturing APC, medical ambulances, field kitchens, military units and artillery weapons, as well as facilitating the modernisation and armouring of military vehicles. The company also offers localisation of manufacturing capabilities in their customers’ countries, while helping both foreign companies and Ukrainian producers in the name of market expansion.
Design and Key Features
The VARTA Armoured Personnel Carrier is based on a 4×4 dual-axle truck with a specialised chassis. By integrating a 4×4 wheel drive configuration with its all-terrain chassis, the design of the vehicle is divided into three main parts with the engine at the front, crew and troop compartment in the middle and the cargo area at the rear. 
The vehicle compartment is constructed from specialised 560 steel grade which serves to protect the crew from armoured piercing incendiary ammo of up to 7.62mm. VARTA uses a V-shape hull structure to accommodate anti-mine seats, giving crew members the protection to withstand the detonation of charges of up to 6kg of TNT. 
The VARTA APC includes a fighting module equipped with either the 7.62 mm or the 12.7 mm machine gun. The vehicle has 10-gun ports around the vehicle, while it is also possible to accommodate a UBGL (Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher). In addition, the vehicle is protected with an armour that offers protection against the firing of small arms and shell splinters.
High-Cross Chassis
The VARTA is built on a 4x4 two-axle truck base with a specialised chassis that integrates a “high-cross” carrying up to 8.15 tons. This chassis has a сentral tire inflation system which is proven and reliable, even in the most challenging and difficult conditions. 
Turbocharged Diesel Engine
The VARTA boasts a 6-cylinder, V-type turbocharged diesel engine dispelling either 270hp or 300hp (depending on the engine chosen). This engine can run on many types of fuel, including lower quality fuel in combat situations. This APC has a maximum road speed of 120 km/hour and a maximum torque of 1128 N*m.
8-Gear Transmission
The vehicle employs an 8-Gear Manual Transmission to accommodate all terrain situations. This technology ensures that the APC is completely versatile in battle. 
Energy-Intensive Suspension
The VARTA utilises an energy-intensive dual shock absorber system. This system integrates additional leaf springs on the wheels to provide smooth riding conditions even at high speeds on off-road situations. The vehicle is hence built for rugged, long-term usage.
Armoured Capsule Care
This APC is built with Swedish Armour from 560 Steel, entailing that the VARTA can withstand a direct hit from armour-piercing incendiary 7.62mm ammo. The VARTA engages bulletproof glass of the same protection level as the Armour, while its external installation method enables quick replacement if damaged. The vehicle also boasts ballistic plates that surround the engine for extra protection. 
Next-Gen Weaponry
The VARTA comes equipped with a gunner station and a gunner protection kit positioned on the roof that can support various machine gun systems, including 7.62 mm (PK) or 12.7 mm (NSV). The VARTA can also be equipped with an enclosed cupola which supports dual machine gun systems (14.5mm and 7.62 mm). Turrets are available in manual and powered variants. Gun ports are equipped with powder gases ventilation system, while there is the possibility of installing a smoke grenade launching system on the vehicle.
Anti-Mine Seats 
VARTA’s modern anti-mine seats are tested at STANAG 4569 protection levels. The seats are based on NATO AEP-55 standards and meet these requirements. The seats are equipped with advanced energy damper attenuation system and 5-point seatbelt system. They can also be wall mounted. Both the seats and headrest are foldable with waterproof external coating.
Off-Road Wheels
The wheels consist of special off-road tires: 14R20 or 16R20. They are tubeless, featuring high floatation and security.
Armoured Rim Protection  
The VARTA APC draws the full benefit of being equipped with a central tire inflation system. This inflation system provides the air pressure required in the tires of the vehicle, depending on the road surface.
The vehicle also enjoys automatic maintenance of specified air pressure in its tires in case of damage. What is more, the VARTA features automatic wheel disconnection from the system in case of significant damage where air leakage exceeds the rated compressor performance.
The VARTA has a rubber run-flat tire that allows continued operation, even after a loss of some or all inflation pressure for up to 50 km on- or off-road. This tire system is made of three parts, which allows quick mounting without the need for special equipment.
Climate Control Advances
The VARTA vehicle has independent air conditioning and a heating system individually designed to ensure a comfortable climate in the cabin at a temperature range of -40 to +50 °C. Each of the windows and mirrors are heated, while the ergonomic instrument panel has waterproof anti-shock sensors and switches.
Innovative Winch Control
The VARTA APC has an electric shock protection and waterproof winch with a towing capacity of 10 tonnes and a synthetic rope or steel cable of 30 metres. Moreover, in order to increase traction, a set of pulley blocks can be installed.
High-Speed Fire Extinguishing System
The VARTA has high speed fire suppression system for crew compartment and engine compartment. The system provides protection against “Molotov cocktails” while it is also capable of minimising the risk of RPG attacks. The system boasts the integration of UV IR detectors capable of indicating combustion in 3 milliseconds and suppressing it within 250 milliseconds.
Filtering and Ventilation System
Protection of the usable area of the objects from the effects of natural atmospheric pollution, usage of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and contaminations by selected toxic industrial substances.
Doors and Special Military Handles
The VARTA’s door mechanism is provided by the TriMark company. It is easy to operate and allows power locking of heavy-duty doors for weights up to 300 kg. Moreover, the doors are compliant to FMVSS 206 strength requirements.
Exceptional Vehicle Lighting
The VARTA includes an impressive range of vehicle lighting: front headlights, tail-lights, brake lights, marker lights, direction indicators, fog lights, convoy lights, spotlights and blackout lights. All lights are made from polycarbonate materials that have been shown to be 200 times stronger than glass. They are all dust, water and chalk-resistant, while the interior lighting has several distinct settings: full, partial camouflage and specific night lighting.  
All military lighting kits meet NATO standards. Meanwhile, the blackout lights are equipped with special lenses that are designed to cast a diffused horizontal beam of light for the driver of the vehicle to navigate. The VARTA’s blackout lights are also recognisable to other vehicles. These blackout lights are intended for use by concealed convoys at night.
The armed forces of the Ukraine first received the VARTA APCs in December 2018.
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