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Shining a Light on Disruptive Innovation in Aerospace and Defense

The 2019 Aerospace and Defence Industry conference on “Disruptive Innovation” organised by ANSYS Inc. and Fluid Codes took place in Abu Dhabi on April 18. The C-level conference saw over 80 key executives and officials from the top local and global defence, space and security organisations such as EDIC, Tawazun, UAE Armed Forces, among others.
At the event, the speakers explained that simulation is mission critical for companies in a nation such as the UAE, which emphasises on competency development in aviation, space and defence industry. It highlighted that the industry continues to focus on sustained key business initiatives and constantly innovates to capture the opportunities created by disruptive innovation. 
Reportedly, 90 per cent of companies believe they have entered an era of exponential technology advancement. However, significant challenges exist to realising the opportunities. Overcoming these challenges such as faster technology insertion and productivity, more fuel-efficient aircraft, autonomy, connectivity, electrification, additive manufacturing, digitalisation, etc., requires simulation across the lifecycle as it delivers the highest level of competitive advantage. Through engineering simulation using ANSYS, companies improved time to market by 21 per cent as they manufactured 22 per cent more cost-effective products with 17 per cent higher quality. Established over 45 years ago in the U.S., ANSYS Inc. is a global leader in providing software for engineering simulation in a wide range of segments.
Strategic Solutions
Airplanes and weapons are among the most complex systems to design and build today: an aircraft can have more than 1 million parts that must be designed and assembled, and each of them can fail leading to a possible catastrophic outcome. On the battlefield, every asset must perform as designed, to protect the people and allow them to accomplish their mission. The only way to test these equipment’s in all situations is to get them exposed in a high fidelity, Multiphysics and multi-domain simulation platform. This is what ANSYS has delivered in the past decades. 
In order to develop advanced systems, it’s now a must to think about a Multiphysics platform. Just to give an example, the performance of many assets today is delivered by the electronic brain. This electronic has to be designed looking into all the electro-magnetic interference, signal integrity and power integrity problems. It has to perform in a harsh environment like the desert, at very high temperature and where sand and dust are everywhere, while under hostile attack: mechanical simulation (vibration, hits) and fluid dynamic simulation (cooling and ventilation) must be performed. 

The asset then can have a DO-178C DAL-A certified control software that could take decisions in autonomy, so you want to simulate the behaviour of the software as well. Then you want to put the device you are building inside the entire system, looking for the overall performance. This is the real strength of what you can do with ANSYS: simulate every single aspect of the product design in an integrated fashion, taking into account all the phenomena it will face during real operations, and optimise its performance at system level.
Simulation in MRO Industry Explained
The goal of simulation has always been to reduce the time and costs associated with technology development, insertion, maintenance and updating. Simulation can help the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) industry adopt new technologies such as additive manufacturing. ANSYS offers end-to-end additive manufacturing simulation workflow providing predictions to identify and address residual stress, distortion and build failure, enabling users to achieve part tolerances and avoid build failures without physical testing. It also allows to identify and dial in the best process parameters for a particular additive manufacturing machine and material combination, which leads to high level of part integrity and predicts microstructure and properties before building the part.
Deployed in the Middle East
Many of the ANSYS solutions are developed in the U.S. and are accessible to local offices and partners. 
Fluid Codes is an extension of ANSYS in the Europe, Middle East and Africa providing exclusive distribution and technical support through their offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bulgaria.
Example 1. Developing Precision Guided Munitions at Halcon Systems using ANSYS:
UAE based Halcon Systems has been using ANSYS since the day of inception in the design, simulation and evaluation of precision guided munitions locally. Kobus Mouton, Technical Adviser at Halcon Systems described the importance of prediction and the role played by ANSYS and Fluid Codes in supporting the company to speed up their design process through Extensive Engineering Simulation.
Example 2. Designing Armoured Personnel Carriers at Ultimate Armour Works using ANSYS
Ultimate Armour Works, a UAE based armoured vehicles manufacturer showcased the benefits of using ANSYS to simulate various scenarios such as blast and impact analysis on commercial and military armoured vehicles. Paul Jordaan, Design Manager at Ultimate Armour Works explained how they leveraged ANSYS to ensure product quality, save time and millions of dollars spent in physical testing of their prototypes.

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