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Insitu’s UAS Stand Out from the Crowd

Insitu is renowned for its industry-leading uncrewed aircraft systems, software solutions and services that deliver decision-making capabilities to global customers.
The company’s Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) are characterised by their remarkable modularity and versatility. Each Insitu UAS is designed to be runway-independent, eliminating the need for traditional runways during take-off and landing. 
In an interview, Insitu CEO Diane Rose said: “These systems come equipped with a wide range of modular, multi-INT (Multi-Intelligence) payloads, offering superior imagery resolution for a variety of mission profiles. The track record of Insitu UAS is equally impressive, with over 173,000 sorties completed and 1.4 million operational flight hours logged, attesting to their reliability and endurance.” Excerpts:
Can you provide an overview of Insitu’s customer base and its international reach?
Insitu has a diverse customer base, with more than 40 clients across 35 countries. This international reach includes a significant presence in NATO member nations, with over a third of NATO countries relying on Insitu’s solutions. Notably, Insitu serves 10 major non-NATO allies, has established partnerships with eight Arab League states, and caters to the needs of six ASEAN members. Among these international customers, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have also chosen Insitu’s offerings, showcasing the company’s global impact.
What is the significance of Insitu’s Center of Excellence (CoE) in the UAE, and when will it become operational?
Insitu’s Center of Excellence (CoE) is a landmark development in the UAE. Established in partnership with Tawazun Council and Boeing in March, this facility is poised to play a pivotal role in supporting the UAE Armed Forces. The CoE will offer services like aircraft engine overhauls, repairs, and operator training, enhancing the operational performance and readiness of the UAE Armed Forces. It is scheduled to become operational by the summer of 2024. 
Establishing our presence in the UAE shows Boeing-Insitu’s commitment to our partnership with not only the UAE Armed Forces but also our desire to grow our relationships beyond the defence sector into the country and community. This ties directly into Insitu’s long-term strategy for international growth in the Middle East.
What sets the Integrator VTOL apart from other VTOL systems, and how does it enhance maritime operations?
Integrator vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) is a truly remarkable system with unique features. Its long-range capability and endurance make it stand out, enabling persistent detection, classification, and tracking, essential components of a successful mission. Unlike many other VTOL systems, Integrator VTOL offers 100 per cent endurance without compromising payload capacity, a feature not typically found in hybrid VTOL platforms. Moreover, this system is designed to operate in challenging maritime conditions, including high seas with gusty winds, all while providing wide-area surveillance capabilities over extended ranges. This makes it an ideal solution for maritime operations, offering unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness.
How does SATCOM BLOS communication enhance the capabilities of Integrator VTOL, and what are its advantages?
SATCOM BLOS (Satellite-Enabled Beyond-Line-of-Sight) communication plays a vital role in extending the capabilities of Integrator VTOL. This technology enables operators to fly field-swappable payloads over the horizon, delivering high-resolution imagery in real-time and other critical data over distances of up to 500 nautical miles. The advantages are numerous. It enhances the system’s operational reach, allows for real-time data acquisition, and offers significant flexibility for a wide range of mission profiles. SATCOM BLOS ensures that operators have access to critical information even in remote or distant areas, providing a clear tactical advantage.
As Insitu’s new CEO, can you tell us more about your background and involvement in the aerospace industry?
Before assuming the position of CEO, I was Insitu’s Vice President of Programs from May 2022 - March 2023, overseeing programme management policies, customer satisfaction, and the success of all programs. Prior to that, I held pivotal roles at Insitu, including Director of Defense Programs and RQ-21A Blackjack Program Director, managing a diverse portfolio with profit and loss responsibility. With 13 years in the U.S. Department of the Navy, I served in senior programme management and acquisition roles. My career includes leadership roles and contributions to various programmes, as well as recognition with the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award. I hold advanced certifications and degrees, culminating in a robust aerospace career.

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