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Germany Joins CAVS Vehicle Programme

Germany has proceeded to the research and development agreement phase of the Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) programme. The agreement parties are the CAVS participant nations Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Germany, and Patria. 
Germany is the fourth country to join the research and development phase of this multinational programme, which was initiated by Finland and Latvia in 2020, and later joined by Sweden in 2022. By acceding to the agreement, Germany will have access to the results of the product development packages developed in the programme and will be in a position to co-define the requirements for future mission variants. 
Within the CAVS programme, Patria leads the 6x6 armoured vehicle system development, which has more than four decades of experience in developing and delivering state-of-the-art protected troop transportation and system integration. 
The vast majority of supply of the vehicles is conducted by utilising the member nations’ local industry capabilities and every new nation is inherently reinforcing the security of supply for the whole collaboration system. The CAVS related Patria 6x6 deliveries are ongoing to Latvia, Finland and Sweden, and vehicles are in operational use. The programme is open to European countries with similar equipment requirements.

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