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NIMR, Synonym for Mission Ready Military Vehicles

Ahead of IDEX 2021, Nation Shield spoke to Abri du Plessis, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NIMR, an EDGE entity that is a leading manufacturer of mission-ready, high-performance light- and medium-weight wheeled military vehicles. In this role, he is responsible for the business growth of NIMR, regionally and internationally through their competitive products and services.
You have been in operation for two decades now. How do you describe that journey?
NIMR has come a long way since it commenced operations in the year 2000 with its first vehicle, NIMR1. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength, with our vehicles building a reputation for their versatility, ruggedness and exceptional performance. Today, NIMR has a portfolio of over 20 mission-proven military vehicles capable of addressing demanding duty-cycle requirements and has one of the largest facilities among similar military vehicle manufacturers in the region.
In its milestone 20th year, NIMR is currently preparing to roll out the second-generation of its product portfolio that will reinforce its sophisticated technical and engineering capabilities. Through relying on its passion and determination to succeed, the company has pioneered many firsts in the region over 20 eventful years. We now have our sights set firmly on the next 20 years of growth.

What range of wheeled military vehicles do you make?
NIMR has over the years achieved acclaim for four main product classes – the AJBAN 4 x 4 range, the HAFEET 6 x 6 range, the JAIS MRAP range, and the Special Operations Vehicles.
The AJBAN Multi-Role Armoured Vehicles, NIMR’s best-selling vehicles, are designed for use in a wide range of specialist military roles. They offer high levels of survivability, mobility, and firepower. The seven-seater 447A features a highly configurable armoured cabin, designed for functions such as tactical response, border patrol, reconnaissance, counterinsurgency, and special forces. The range comprises AJBAN 420, AJBAN 440, AJBAN 450 and AJBAN Internal Security Vehicle.
The HAFEET Class of 6x6 vehicles provides a multi-purpose platform for all military requirements from utility vehicles to fully protected patrol vehicles. Designed to optimise payload capacity in the harshest environments, they provide high levels of protection to enhance survivability for the crew. The family includes HAFEET 630A, HAFEET Armoured Ambulance, HAFEET 640A and HAFEET 620.
Meanwhile, the JAIS family of vehicles brings together 40 years of experience in protected optimised mobility. The JAIS is the next generation of MRAP and features a 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 range – providing essential balance between firepower and survivability, but with mobility for modern, conventional and asymmetric operations. The vehicle architecture supports multiple mission variants and equipment options, such as a full motorised infantry section, with a manned turret or remote weapon system. Highly modular and with modern suspension and powertrain, these vehicles offer a cost-efficient solution for recce, patrol, utility and specialist roles, such as the ambulance vehicle.
Unique to NIMR’s multipurpose platform is the light, powerful and customisable NIMR AJBAN Long Range Special Operations Vehicle (LRSOV) – an open-top 4x4 long-range reconnaissance vehicle designed for use by Special Forces.
You have your own in-house design, engineering, and R&D capabilities. Who do you collaborate with?
Our military engineers are drawn from across the globe. Their combined experience allows us to understand and forecast field data, combat situations, and the evolving operational requirements of our customers. Meanwhile, our onsite capabilities enable us to integrate best-in-class technology into our vehicles to give our clients a competitive edge, and to use the latest simulation tools and techniques to rapidly mature our designs, shorten the design cycle, and enhance production capacity. Lastly, we have been growing a world-class test capability to verify, validate and improve all aspects of our designs.
NIMR is the leading military truck manufacturer in the Middle East. Can you tell us about your production facilities?
Our 37,500 m² production facility in Abu Dhabi is the largest military vehicle manufacturer in the region and competes with the largest international producers. We have another facility in Al Ain of 12,500m² dedicated to cutting and bending with some of the largest laser cutters and bending presses in the region.
Our Abu-Dhabi facility has the capacity to produce up to 1,500 vehicles per year, and the capability to supply every component at each stage of the assembly process. Total production flexibility has been incorporated into the process layout. This allows for multiple model types to be built simultaneously, maximising product output and efficiency, and enables NIMR to quickly reorganise resources to respond to the changing requirements of its customers. 
Who are your major clients?
NIMR has delivered vehicles to Armed Forces in nine nations. Our vehicles are mission-proven and have operated in some of the harshest environments in the world. 
We have also grown our research and development division to bring cutting-edge vehicles to market and are seeking to further advance our existing range to ensure that we become the exporter of choice. We have established promising relationships with markets across the world, and provide full product lifecycle for our vehicles, from conception to delivery and through-life support.
Do you plan any joint ventures with other countries, particularly in the region?
EDGE is currently working with many partners and customers in different industries, both regionally and internationally, and will continue to strengthen these relationships to build upon our legacy. 
As a leading manufacturer of combat-proven light- and medium-weight wheeled military vehicles, NIMR has witnessed a lot of interest for its cutting-edge products. The company has a joint venture with the Algerian Ministry of Defence to produce the NIMR vehicle range in Algeria. EDGE and NIMR are both committed to expanding into international markets, and we look forward to further collaboration and business with more partners in the region and beyond.
NIMR is a part of the Platforms & Systems Cluster of EDGE which was set up last year. How does that association work to your benefit?
Now part of EDGE, the advanced technology group for defence and beyond, this new structure has enabled us to take a systems-integrated approach, to produce turnkey solutions for our clients, while tapping into the capabilities of other entities across the group. 
For instance, we have been able to strengthen our capabilities thanks to EPI’s focus on manufacturing; EARTH’s speciality on integrating military solutions; LAHAB’s capabilities that enable us to test ballistic and landmine protection, to name a few. The synergies within EDGE provide us with the prospect of developing complete systems and grant us the possibility to produce more of our own parts locally in the UAE, while enabling us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities.
NIMR is exhibiting at stand 05-A05

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