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EDGE Makes a Splash in Debut at Eurosatory 2024

EDGE, a global leader in advanced technology and defence solutions, made a significant debut at Eurosatory 2024. The company brought together eight of its subsidiary companies and over 50 advanced products and solutions, showcasing its diverse range of advanced capabilities.
The participation aimed to address the specific needs of international customers while strengthening existing regional partnerships and exploring new mutually beneficial commercial opportunities.
Hamad Al Marar, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of EDGE Group, remarked, “This was the first time we were at Eurosatory, a major global industry exhibition that provided us with a critical opportunity to showcase our portfolio of solutions, which had been expertly-selected according to our insights into the global defence landscape, including the European defence theatre.”
Throughout the five-day event, EDGE demonstrated its in-depth understanding of the security challenges faced by Europe.
Key areas of focus included the need for heightened operational readiness, reinforcement of international supply chains, and access to advanced technologies such as autonomous aerial systems, land systems, cyber defence infrastructure, and secure communication solutions.
The company presented innovative systems designed to address these specific regional challenges.
Autonomous Air Systems
EDGE unveiled a spectrum of advanced autonomous air systems, addressing the evolving demands of modern defence. Highlighted innovations included the HUNTER series of loitering munitions, the compact HUNTER SP (Soldier Portable), and the advanced HUNTER 2-S.
Also featured were the QX series of fixed-wing loitering munitions, designed for diverse operational scenarios. The showcase included the collaborative combat JENIAH UAV, the GARMOOSHA rotary-wing UAV, and the precision capabilities of the SHADOW 25 and SHADOW 50 loitering munitions, alongside the powerful logistics-focused AIR TRUCK UAV.
The company presented its acclaimed THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), renowned for operational reliability.
Also featured was the TYPE-X robotic combat vehicle (RCV), designed to enhance mission effectiveness in challenging environments. 
Attendees explored the company’s special operations vehicle LRSOV, as well as its robust armoured personnel carriers, the AJBAN MK2 and HAFEET MK2.
Smart Weapons Showcase
EDGE’s array of smart weapons at the event included the THUNDER and DESERT STING air-to-surface precision-guided munitions, recognised for their cost-effectiveness and multi-range capabilities.
Visitors learned about EDGE’s precision-guided munitions systems, such as the RASH series (RASH 1-M, RASH 2-M, RASH 2-H, RASH 3-H), designed to meet evolving operational requirements. The SKYNIGHT air defence missile system demonstrated its dedication to enhancing aerial defence capabilities.
Under secure communications, the company showcased the KATIM line of infrastructure security smartphones, ultra-secure endpoint solutions, satellite communications and Gateway network encryptors.
Attendees also discovered the LAHAB DEFENCE SYSTEMS, featuring a comprehensive range of medium and large calibre munitions essential for various defence applications.
Collaboration with KNDS
EDGE announced a new cooperation agreement with KNDS, Europe’s leading manufacturer of military land systems. This partnership aims to develop industrial and commercial relations in the field of land defence, focusing on the co-development and co-production of munitions and weapons systems.
By combining their expertise and technological advancements, both organisations aim to deliver state-of-the-art defence solutions for the UAE Armed Forces and partner countries of France and the UAE.
Strategic Partnership with Thales
EDGE and Thales signed a declaration of intent to collaborate on developing Software Defined Radios in the UAE. The partnership will focus on developing and producing new solutions in the domain of radio communications.
KATIM, an EDGE Group entity specialising in secure communication solutions, will collaborate with Thales on the full development lifecycle, production, and maintenance of airborne and long-range HF (high frequency) radio communication solutions.
Both companies will leverage their expertise to promote the co-developed solutions to the international market.
Didier Pagnoux, CEO of KATIM, said: “Partnering with Thales represents a significant milestone for EDGE, underscoring the global confidence in our leadership in advanced communications technology. By combining our expertise, we will develop sophisticated Software Defined Radio solutions that meet the rigorous demands of both domestic and international markets.

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