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Saab Set to Showcase Expertise and Emirati Partnerships at Dubai Airshow 2023

At Dubai Airshow 2023, Saab will present an impressive line-up of world-class defence and security products. The solutions on display will include GlobalEye, the world’s most modern and advanced Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) solution. The company will also spotlight a range of the Giraffe radar systems.
By Sakha Pramod
In an interview with Nation Shield, Anna-Karin Rosén, Managing Director of Saab in the UAE, shared that Saab will also showcase its ATM solutions, including digital tower and deployable digital tower, r-TWR. The products highlighted will also feature the Electronic Warfare Self-protection system IDAS, the T-7 advanced jet trainer, as well as the UAE-developed, ruggedised 5G, secure communications system, DeployNet.
Rosén said: “Saab looks forward to showcasing its innovative offerings at this year’s Dubai Airshow while building on existing partnerships and accessing new opportunities at the event. When visiting our stand, attendees can expect to see a range of world-class products and meet relevant expert teams. At the show, we aim to showcase our longstanding partnerships with the UAE government and its institutions.” Excerpts:
The GlobalEye Airborne early warning and control system has garnered significant attention. Can you provide insights into its latest capabilities and impact on modern military operations? 
GlobalEye is the most modern and advanced system of its kind on the market and the only solution capable of early detection of threats in the air, sea and land domains at the same time from a single platform. It combines Saab’s latest Erieye Extended Range (ER) radar with an advanced suite of active and passive sensors and a multi-domain command and control (C4i) system that delivers the best situational awareness. 
In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, GlobalEye emerges as the ultimate guardian to neutralise next-generation threats. It provides long-range and low-signature detection with a high-update frequency, delivering crucial time for effective response. From elusive drones to high-cluttered environments and jamming conditions, the capabilities of GlobalEye remain unmatched.
Saab engineers the core radar, command and control, electronic warfare, and critical mission systems, ensuring an integrated solution that establishes the gold standard in airborne surveillance. Saab’s ownership of design, technology, and the entire solution provides a guarantee of long-term support, maintenance, and ongoing development, offering a sense of security. While it collects and fuses vast volumes of data, GlobalEye also ensures total information superiority for swift and precise decision-making. No threat, whether low observable, stealthy, or hypersonic, can escape GlobalEye’s gaze.
Saab is known for its advanced radar technology. How are Saab’s radars contributing to enhanced situational awareness for defence applications? 
The Giraffe Surface Radar offering is a testament to Saab’s advanced radar technology. Giraffe 1X is a compact, robust, and software-based 3D AESA radar known for its lightweight design. Despite its small footprint, this radar system delivers exceptional performance. It is known for its impressive search volume, covering a range of 75 kilometres. This extensive coverage is particularly valuable in scenarios where immediate action is required, and deployment options are limited.
 Another significant multi-functional radar solution is Giraffe 4A, which provides all-weather coverage against air targets and simultaneous detection/tracking of jammer strobes as well as low, slow and small objects such as UAVs.
Air Traffic Management (ATM) is critical for aviation safety and efficiency. How is Saab contributing to the advancement of ATM solutions?
One of Saab’s standout contributions to the ATM portfolio is the r-TWR family, featuring Digital Tower with automation solutions. This comprehensive solution offers exceptional video processing and visual presentation that ensures clear visibility in all weather conditions and operational scenarios, enhancing safety measures in aviation.
Saab’s Digital Tower is composed of two key components: The On-Airport Equipment, which can be deployed either locally or at multiple remote airports, and a Remote Tower Centre, which serves as a centralised facility that can operate multiple airports. The Remote Tower Centre utilises Visual Presentation (VP) technology and a host of features designed to enhance situational awareness, such as video and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) tracking, graphic overlays, and radar labels.
What are the key milestones and future objectives of the Saab-UAE partnership? 
Saab has a proven track record of collaborating with the UAE government and institutions to support the development of a competitive defence and security industry and ecosystem. Through advanced technology solutions and initiatives aimed at growing the local supply chain, Saab in the UAE has consistently demonstrated its commitment to leveraging its expertise and experience to drive innovation and growth in this critical sector.
Our UAE partnerships include our collaboration with the Tawazun Council for DeployNet, which builds upon Saab’s renowned safety and security solutions to safeguard both sensitive civil and military sites, even in the most challenging environments. Among other projects announced this year is our partnership with Tawazun Council to deliver sovereign 3D-printing capability for the UAE Air Force and Air Defence (AFAD) to design and manufacture spare parts. We also built on the ongoing partnership between AD Ports Group and Saab, especially across maritime surveillance technology.
How is Saab supporting Emiratisation through talent development and expertise building?  
Saab is committed to supporting Emiratisation efforts through multiple talent development initiatives. We aim to offer UAE nationals rewarding career paths that contribute to the country’s growing economy. Through comprehensive training, internship and development programs, Saab is proud to play a leading role in developing the next generation of Emirati leaders in the defence sector. 
Can you share some of the initiatives and strategies Saab is implementing to reduce its environmental footprint within the aerospace sector?
Saab is committed to establishing and meeting science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Globally, Saab is the first major defence and security company to receive approval from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We have announced our ambition to have zero net emissions by 2050 as part of the UN’s Race to Zero campaign. We have also set a goal of achieving a 42 per cent reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions for applicable categories by 2030. 
What is Saab’s approach to research and development? 
Saab’s approach to research and development is characterised by innovation and continuous dialogue with our stakeholders. We see value in reinvesting a large share of our sales in research and development. 
In the UAE, Saab is also committed to creating world-class Emirati defence and security solutions, further underscoring our comprehensive approach to R&D that addresses both critical national priorities and meet the demands of the global market.

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