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Nexter Puts Spotlight on Jaguar, Titus Vehicles

Nexter exhibited a wide range of its products, including armoured vehicles, large and medium calibre artillery systems, ammunition, support services, robots and optronic equipment at IDEX 2023.
For the first time, Jaguar and Titus vehicles were exhibited on the stand of Resource Industries, a key player in the UAE defence industry. Nexter and Resource Industries are exploring the possibility of industrial cooperation around these vehicles.
At the show, Nexter promoted the Jaguar armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle (EBRC). It was developed as part of the Scorpion programme led by the French General Directorate of Armaments (DGA), alongside the SERVAL light Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (VBMR) vehicles.
The Jaguar is a 25-tonne armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle, armed with a 40mm cannon with telescoped ammunition (CTA) and the Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) missile. The Jaguar will replace the AMX10RC and ERC90. It is equipped with a threat detection system including an acoustic detonation tracking system, a laser warning detector and a missile launch detector connected to the Scorpion  joint vetronics system. 
The Jaguar is a unique vehicle on several levels. Its turret combines three state-of-the-art weapon systems: the 40mm CTA gun from Nexter, two MMPs from MBDA and the remotely operated T3 turret. Also, its vetronics, developed by Thales, notably includes latest-generation optronics (IR/TV, missile launch detector, laser alert detector, etc.) and on-board tactical training capability. 
The vehicle’s new-generation chassis, developed by Arquus, its six-wheel drive, its innovative suspension and its 400CV engine for 25 tonnes give it exceptional tactical, operational and strategic mobility.
Natively Designed 
The Jaguar along with the Griffon is natively designed to implement the Scorpion combat information system (SICS). The Griffon is a 24-tonne VBMR. Its many versions allow it to carry out multiple missions: troop transport, command post, communication relay, artillery observation or even 120mm mortar. 
SICS empowers soldiers to conduct collaborative combat, through real-time communication of information between different units and digitisation of the battlefield. In the event of a high-intensity conflict, the Army will be assured of being one step ahead of its adversary. To implement these new combat capabilities, the first Scorpion combined arms brigade (BIA) will be formed at the end of 2023.
The temporary consortium of companies (GME), EBMR, made up of Nexter, Thales and Arquus, delivered 113 Griffon vehicles and 18 Jaguar vehicles to the DGA last year. 
Advantage of Titus 
Nexter also showcased Titus (Tactical Infantry Transport & utility System) at IDEX 2023 with its latest RWS (Remote Weapons Station), ARX25, with formidable weapons efficiency, offering precision shots under armour in any condition, day or night.
The fully armoured 6x6 Titus has proven its mettle in war zones responding to asymmetric threats with its ease of mobility, safety, ergonomy and flexibility in deployments.
ARX25 has been designed to be used on armoured vehicles from 4x4 to 8x8. It has advanced stabilised day and night sensor head allowing panoramic observation and providing on-the move capability. It ensures superior target acquisition. Loaded with up to 280 rounds ready to fire, ARX 25 meets all operational requirements for surveillance, protection, security and combat missions.
The Titus with ARX25 adds more value and firepower to Nexter’s combat propositions in line with its portfolio of defence systems including Leclerc (MBT), VBCI (IFV) and ARAVIS (highly protected 4x4).
The advantage of Titus  is that it can be fitted with a range of RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon Station) from 7.62mm to 25mm, and 40mm Grenade Launchers, to face diverse nature of threats as well as missions. 
ARX 25 is based on the design of the earlier ARX 20 weapon station, which was released in significant quantities for integration to the Aravis 4x4 armoured vehicle.
Unlike its predecessor, armed with an automatic gun of 20 mm calibre, the new system has a M811 stabilised 25-mm automatic gun with a double feed from Nexter Systems, which is already in serial production and installed in a VBCI 8x8 infantry fighting vehicle, which is in service with the French army.
In addition to the main gun, a 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun is installed. Its ammunition is up to 300 ready-to-use cartridges.
The elevation guidance range is from -10 to +60°. In the horizontal plane, the implement rotates without restrictions.
The weapon is aimed at the target from a console, which displays a stabilised image from the sight, which is equipped with a colour camera, cooled by a two-field thermal camera and a laser range finder.
The options can include various additional systems, as well as Galix smoke grenade launchers, which can fire grenades of various types, from smoke to lethal and non-lethal. 
In the basic version, ARX 25 is protected to STANAG 4569 level 1, but if necessary, protection can be increased to level 2.
Pact with IGG
Nexter signed a teaming agreement with International Golden Group (IGG), the leading supplier of the UAE, to prepare the modernisation of the UAE Army’s Leclerc main battle tank (MBT). 
IGG and Nexter have established a long-term relationship since 2006 via a “Cooperation Agreement”. This teaming agreement is a new step towards a reinforcement of the links between both the companies.
Strong Partnership
Nexter has been working with the UAE armed forces for 30 years when the Leclerc contract came into effect. In close partnership with the UAE’s private and public defence ecosystem, Nexter is strengthening and developing industrial cooperation for systems, munitions and services. The company is pursuing the development of a wholly-owned subsidiary, Nexter Emarat LTD., which will allow the localisation of engineering and new product development activities. 
Nexter and Resource Industries are exploring industrial partnership opportunities to develop “made in UAE” solutions for the UAE armed forces, benefiting from Nexter’s technological know-how. 
Real Size
The following were presented in real size at the exhibition: 
The UAE version of the Leclerc tank: Nexter is said to be exchanging views with the UAE to continue supporting the Leclerc for the next decades. It was displayed with a new HE multimode ammunition. 
The VBCI MkI: It is the version in service with the French army and proven in combat on battlefields. This infantry fighting vehicle, equipped with a 25mm gun, has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in terms of mobility, protection and firepower. 
The RAPIDFire: Made by Nexter and Thales, it was displayed in naval and land versions .

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